ABA Bank spreads support to humanitarian and educational projects of TYDA and AMT


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ABA​ Bank,​ the​ leading​ commercial​ bank​ in​ Cambodia,​ signed​ a​ Memorandum​ of​ Understanding​ (MoU)​ with​ Samdech​ Techo​ Voluntary​ Youth​ Doctor​ Association​ (TYDA)​ and​ Association​ of​ Samdech​ Akka​ Moha​ Sena​ Padei​ Techo​ Hun​ Sen​ and​ Samdech​ Kittiprittbandit​ Scholarship​ Students​ (AMT)​ to​ provide​ financial​ support​ to​ the​ Associations.

Following​ the​ MoU,​ ABA​ makes​ a​ charitable​ contribution​ of​ US$​ 100,000​ to​ TYDA​ for​ its​ essential​ works​ on​ providing​ free​ medical​ treatment​ and​ healthcare​ to​ rural​ communities​ across​ the​ country​ and​ another​ US$​ 100,000​ to​ AMT​ for​ supporting​ bright​ and​ gifted​ Cambodians​ via​ scholarships,​ educational​ programs,​ and​ financial​ assistance​ schemes.

The​ MoU​ signing​ ceremony​ was​ presided​ over​ by​ H.E​ Dr.​ Hun​ Manet,​ Chairman​ of​ the​ Board​ of​ Directors​ of​ TYDA​ and​ AMT,​ and​ Mr.​ Askhat​ Azhikhanov,​ Chief​ Executive​ Officer​ of​ ABA​ Bank,​ with​ the​ honor​ presence​ of​ H.E.​ Pich​ Chanmony,​ Vice​ Chairwoman​ of​ the​ Board​ of​ Directors​ of​ TYDA​ and​ other​ distinguished​ guests​ at​ the​ Phnom​ Penh​ Hotel.​

This​ financial​ support​ becomes​ a​ part​ of​ the​ Bank's​ continuous​ commitment​ to​ making​ a​ positive​ contribution​ to​ Cambodia​ and​ its​ people,​ especially​ the​ underserved​ communities,​ in​ line​ with​ its​ Mission,​ Values,​ and​ Corporate​ Social​ Responsibility​ principles.

“On​ behalf​ of​ TYDA​ and​ AMT,​ I​ would​ like​ to​ thank​ ABA​ Bank​ for​ this​ signing​ of​ the​ Memorandum​ of​ Understanding​ on​ the​ financial​ support.​ This​ MoU​ will​ significantly​ contribute​ to​ humanitarian​ activities​ for​ society​ through​ visiting​ and​ free​ medical​ treatment​ across​ the​ country,​ as​ well​ as​ supporting​ scholarship​ students​ with​ the​ opportunity​ to​ study​ and​ acquire​ knowledge​ to​ build​ a​ bright​ future,”​ said​ H.E​ Dr.​ Hun​ Manet,​ Chairman​ of​ the​ Board​ of​ Directors​ of​ TYDA​ and​ AMT.

"TYDA​ and​ AMT​ Associations​ have​ proven​ themselves​ in​ humanitarian​ and​ educational​ projects​ for​ years,​ and​ we​ at​ ABA​ Bank​ are​ grateful​ for​ the​ hard​ work​ and​ positive​ impact​ they​ have​ been​ bringing​ to​ local​ communities.​ We​ bolster​ the​ development​ strategy​ of​ the​ Royal​ Government​ aimed​ at​ improving​ the​ wellbeing​ of​ the​ country​ and​ its​ people,​ so​ the​ support​ of​ such​ charitable​ organizations​ has​ become​ a​ natural​ choice​ for​ us,"​ commented​ Askhat​ Azhikhanov,​ CEO​ of​ ABA​ Bank.

TYDA​ and​ AMT​ were​ launched​ as​ non-profit​ charitable​ organizations​ in​ 2012​ and​ 2014,​ respectively,​ to​ observe​ medical​ needs​ in​ the​ poor​ communities​ in​ Cambodia,​ release​ the​ medical​ burden​ of​ the​ people,​ provide​ scholarships​ to​ needy​ families,​ and​ develop​ human​ resources.​

As​ an​ active​ member​ of​ the​ business​ community,​ ABA​ Bank​ regularly​ participates​ in​ initiatives​ and​ projects​ aimed​ at​ poverty​ alleviation,​ literacy,​ employability,​ and​ supporting​ underprivileged​ youth​ and​ disadvantaged​ communities.​ Among​ others,​ the​ Bank​ donated​ US$​ 1,000,000​ in​ April​ 2021​ to​ support​ the​ Royal​ Government's​ efforts​ to​ stop​ the​ spread​ of​ Covid.​ The​ proposal​ for​ donation​ was​ considered​ and​ appreciated​ by​ Samdech​ Techo​ Hun​ Sen,​ who​ issued​ Appreciation​ Letter​ to​ the​ Bank's​ top​ management​ and​ staff.