ABA​ Bank​ showcases​ commitment​ to​ digital​ banking​ at​ CamTech​ Summit​ 2023​ as​ Gold​ Sponsor


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In​ its​ dedication​ to​ advancing​ digital​ banking​ and​ fostering​ private​ sector​ innovation,​ ABA​ Bank,​ the​ largest​ commercial​ bank​ in​ Cambodia,​ is​ proud​ to​ become​ the​ Gold​ Sponsor​ of​ CamTech​ Summit​ 2023.​ The​ event​ was​ hosted​ at​ the​ Centre​ for​ Banking​ Studies​ in​ Phnom​ Penh​ on​ 29-30​ November​ 2023.​

Under​ the​ theme​ “Forging​ Partnerships:​ Fostering​ Collaboration​ and​ Innovation​ for​ Digital​ Financial​ Services​ in​ Mekong​ and​ Beyond,”​ the​ summit​ brought​ together​ industry​ leaders,​ policymakers,​ and​ technology​ experts​ for​ a​ dynamic​ exploration​ of​ fintech​ advancements.

Her​ Excellency​ Dr.​ Chea​ Serey,​ Governor​ of​ the​ National​ Bank​ of​ Cambodia​ (NBC),​ set​ the​ tone​ with​ a​ compelling​ keynote​ address,​ emphasizing​ the​ integral​ role​ of​ the​ fintech​ sector​ in​ Cambodia's​ financial​ inclusion​ efforts.​ ABA​ Bank​ takes​ great​ satisfaction​ in​ its​ association​ with​ this​ transformative​ event,​ highlighting​ synergistic​ collaboration​ between​ public​ and​ private​ entities.

The​ summit​ showcased​ digital​ payments​ initiatives​ with​ a​ particular​ focus​ on​ success​ of​ Bakong,​ aligning​ closely​ with​ ABA​ Bank's​ commitment​ to​ drive​ digital​ innovation​ in​ Cambodia's​ banking​ sector.

Speaking​ at​ the​ press​ conference​ and​ panel​ discussions​ of​ the​ summit,​ Chief​ Digital​ Officer​ at​ ABA​ Bank​ Zokhir​ Rasulov​ reaffirmed​ ABA’s​ unwavering​ commitment​ to​ driving​ fintech​ innovation​ within​ Cambodia's​ banking​ sector,​ emphasizing​ its​ seamless​ alignment​ with​ NBC's​ strategic​ financial​ inclusion​ initiatives.

"As we navigate the evolving landscape of financial technology, ABA Bank stands firm in its dedication to leading innovation and advancing the digital banking landscape in Cambodia. This summit has served as more than just a showcase of our commitment; it has been a dynamic forum fostering meaningful collaboration among key stakeholders in the finance industry. We believe that these collaborations will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of fintech in Cambodia." Rasulov​ added.