ABA bank partners with IME to boost up regional money transfers


ABA bank partners with IME to boost up regional money transfers

ABA Bank, one of the leading commercial banks in Cambodia, and International Money Express (IME), international money transfer provider from Malaysia, announce today their new partnership. The cooperation enables ABA Bank to offer its customers an additional channel of sending and receiving money outside the country. IME’s network extends to 25 countries with around 100,000 locations worldwide including USA, Australia, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and more.

“ABA bank always aims to differentiate the variety of its services to meet each client’s needs and expectations. We believe that IME remittance service can definitely compete with the instant money transfer services currently presented in local market and fill the uncovered niche of destinations with attractive rates and value added features,” commented Zhiger Atchabarov, Head of International Relations Department, ABA Bank.

“ABA bank with its reputable corporate identity and technologically advanced service is well positioned to fulfill the needs of IME clients. As such, we are very keen to forge a tie up for a remittance business with the esteemed bank. We trust that with joint effort, ABA and IME can take the remittance business with our established network to a new height,” said Frank Ong, Business Development Manager. “Based on the feedback from our partners in USA, UK, Japan, Brunei and Middle East, the demand for remittance to Cambodia is very encouraging with good prospect for growth”, he added. 

IME Remit guarantees safe and prompt transfer of funds at the lowest possible cost. Money is transferred almost immediately, cash pay-out is ready for collection on real time and there is no charge at the receiving end. IME remit is now available in all ABA Branches across Cambodia.

IME provides facilities to send and receive money internationally through its network of agents and correspondents worldwide through:

  • hassle-free and simple approach in sending and receiving money;
  • state-of-the-art IME-Remit software making it fast, reliable and secure way of remitting money;
  • well-trained and customer-oriented service staff, always ready to listen and assist customers.


About IME Remit:
IME (www.imeremit.com) is a member company of IME Group of Companies with its international headquarters based in Malaysia. It is largest non-bank, remittance service provider in Malaysia. Currently IME has 136 correspondent banks and money transfer agents with more than 100,000 paying outlets throughout the world for the remittance customers.
IME has established an extensive international network of associates, affiliates and correspondent banks and agents around the globe in UK, USA, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brunei, China, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Myanmar, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, UAE and Vietnam.