ABA announces the second coupon payment to its bondholders


ABA announces the second coupon 1

Advanced Bank of Asia Limited (ABA Bank) announces today that it has fulfilled its obligation and transferred in full the second coupon payment of Corporate Bond to its bondholders on 14 August 2020 through ACLEDA Bank Plc. acting as the Paying Agent.

The details of the interest payment are as followings:​

Total number of bondholders68
Bond typeCorporate
Issued Bond volume (Units)848,210
Interest amount to be paid (in KHR)3,283,733,829

ABA issued Corporate Bond worth KHR 84.821 billion (approximately USD 21 million) with the nominal amount of KHR 100,000 per bond and the maturity of three years.  The coupon rate is 7.75% p.a. with the semi-annual coupon payment. The Bond is available for both institutional and retail investors.

For​ more​ information​ visit​ ABA​ Bond​ webpage.