ABA​ Bank​ and Wing launch​ Fund​ Transfer​ and​ Cash​ Deposit​ services


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ABA​ Bank​ and Wing launch​ Fund​ Transfer​ and​ Cash​ Deposit​ servicesABA​ Bank​ and Wing launch​ Fund​ Transfer​ and​ Cash​ Deposit​ services
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ABA​ Bank,​ the​ country’s​ leading​ commercial​ bank​ in​ digital​ finances,​ and Wing​ (Cambodia)​ Limited​ Specialised​ Bank,​ Cambodia’s​ leading​ mobile​ banking​ service​ provider,​ have​ officially​ partnered​ to​ offer​ a​ convenient​ and​ secure​ mode​ of​ transferring​ money​ in​ Cambodia.

Under​ this​ partnership,​ the​ customers​ of​ ABA and​ Wing​ will​ be​ able​ to​ transfer​ their​ funds​ from​ ABA​ account​ to​ Wing account​ and​ vice​ versa.​ The​ money​ transfers​ between​ entities​ are​ carried​ out​ in​ several​ taps​ and​ can​ be​ found​ under​ Transfers​ section​ of​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ and​ Wing​ Money​ app.

Additionally,​ the​ partnership​ allows​ ABA​ customers​ to​ repay​ their​ loans​ at​ the​ nearest​ Wing​ Cash​ Xpress​ Agent​ without​ having​ to​ visit​ an​ ABA​ branch.​ The​ process​ of​ loan​ repayment​ is​ fast​ and​ simple​ –​ customers​ can​ either​ transfer​ money​ directly​ through​ over​ 7,300​ Wing​ agents​ nationwide​ or​ send​ funds​ from​ Wing​ account​ to​ ABA​ account​ in​ Wing​ Money​ app​ or​ using​ USSD​ Code​ *989#.

“We​ are​ delighted​ to​ officially​ launch​ our​ partnership​ with​ Wing​ on​ loan​ repayment​ and​ money​ transfer​ services.​ Our​ customers​ can​ now​ replenish​ their​ ABA​ accounts​ even​ easier,​ as​ well​ as​ transfer​ funds​ between​ ABA Mobile and​ Wing​ app​ with​ attractive​ fees​ and​ use​ it​ for​ purchases​ or​ to​ support​ their​ relatives,”​ commented​ Askhat​ Azhikhanov,​ Chief​ Executive​ Officer​ of​ ABA​ Bank.​ “Modern​ digital​ financial​ services​ ABA​ provides​ have​ huge​ transformative​ potential,​ and​ I​ am​ sure​ our​ collaboration​ with​ Wing​ we​ are​ announcing​ today​ will​ accelerate​ the​ country’s​ transition​ to​ the​ cashless​ society.”

“It’s​ our​ commitment​ to​ ensure​ that​ Cambodians​ enjoy​ a​ wealth​ of​ convenience​ and​ security​ when​ it​ comes​ to​ mobile​ financial​ services.​ We​ are​ very​ delighted​ that​ through​ this​ partnership​ today​ we​ can​ serve​ the​ diverse​ money​ transfer​ and​ deposit​ needs​ of​ our​ customers​ in​ the​ rural​ provinces​ and​ help​ to​ reduce​ their​ time​ at​ the​ bank,”​ said​ Manu​ Rajan,​ Chief​ Executive​ Officer​ of​ Wing.​ “Also,​ this​ is​ another​ example​ of​ how​ we​ never​ stop​ working​ to​ provide​ the​ people​ of​ Cambodia​ with​ more​ convenience​ and​ drive​ digital,​ gender​ and​ financial​ inclusion​ in​ the​ Kingdom​ of​ Cambodia.”​

ABA and​ Wing​ are​ well​ known​ for​ its​ dedication​ to​ the​ development​ of​ Cambodian​ financial​ market.​ ABA​ is​ widely​ recognized​ both​ locally​ and​ internationally​ as​ the​ frontrunner​ of​ Cambodian​ banking​ sector​ thanks​ to​ its​ digital​ transformation,​ deep​ focus​ on​ technologies,​ and​ convenient​ mobile​ banking. Wing​ has​ always​ used​ innovative​ products​ as​ tools​ to​ boost​ financial​ inclusion​ in​ the​ country​ by​ bringing​ the​ unbanked​ and​ underbanked​ on​ board.​

For​ additional​ information​ on​ services​ provided​ by​ ABA​ and​ Wing,​ please​ contact​ ABA​ Contact​ Center​ at​ 023​ 225​ 333 or Wing​ call​ center​ 023​ 999​ 989​.

About​ Wing​ (Cambodia)​ Limited​ Specialised​ Bank
Wing​ (Cambodia)​ Limited​ Specialised​ Bank​ is​ Cambodia’s​ leading​ mobile​ banking​ services​ provider​ and​ one​ of​ the​ few​ specialized​ banks​ in​ the​ world.​ Established​ in​ 2009,​ Wing​ has​ transformed​ the​ way​ Cambodians​ send​ and​ receive​ money,​ using​ a​ mobile​ phone​ for​ anytime,​ anywhere​ convenience.
Wing​ remains​ at​ the​ forefront​ of​ the​ mobile​ money​ and​ electronic​ payment​ services​ market​ in​ Cambodia​ with​ 100%​ district​ coverage​ via​ our​ nationwide​ network​ of​ 7,300​ Wing​ Cash​ Xpress​ outlets.​ It​ has​ partnerships​ with​ more​ than​ 40,000​ merchants​ and​ global​ industry​ leaders​ including​ Mastercard,​ Visa,​ MoneyGram,​ AliPay,​ WeChat​ Pay​ and​ Western​ Union.
Wing​ also​ provides​ funds​ and​ payment​ solutions​ to​ the​ corporate​ sector​ via​ our​ enterprise​ services.​ With​ Wing,​ small​ and​ medium​ enterprises​ (SMEs)​ and​ companies​ can​ use​ Wing’s​ payroll​ and​ disbursement​ services​ for​ their​ employees,​ helping​ growth​ and​ spread​ of​ the​ payment​ ecosystems.
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