ABA​ Bank​ partners​ with​ Smile​ Shop​ for​ seamless​ payment​ experience​ when​ purchasing​ on​ ABA​ Mobile​ app


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ABA​ Bank,​ the​ largest​ commercial​ bank​ in​ Cambodia​1,​ has​ enabled​ Smile​ Shop,​ a​ leading​ e-commerce​ platform​ in​ the​ country,​ in​ its​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ to​ provide​ customers​ with​ a​ safe​ and​ seamless​ payment​ experience.​ The​ partnership​ between​ two​ entities​ was​ discussed​ during​ the​ launch​ ceremony​ at​ ABA​ Bank's​ Headquarters​ on​ 18​ April​ 2023.

Through​ this​ partnership,​ the​ Smile​ Shop​ online​ shopping​ platform​ becomes​ accessible​ in​ the​ Services​ section​ of​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app.​ ABA​ customers​ can​ shop​ conveniently​ for​ a​ wide​ selection​ of​ products​ available​ at​ Smile​ Shop​ from​ the​ comfort​ of​ their​ home​ with​ just​ a​ few​ taps​ on​ their​ mobile​ device.

To​ celebrate​ the​ partnership,​ ABA​ and​ Smile​ Shop​ launched​ a​ promotion​ available​ exclusively​ through​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app.​ From​ 18​ April​ 2023,​ the​ first​ 1,000​ ABA​ Mobile​ users​ who​ make​ a​ purchase​ on​ Smile​ Shop​ through​ ABA​ Mobile​ will​ enjoy​ an​ instant​ discount​ of​ USD​ 20.​ To​ qualify​ for​ the​ discount,​ users​ must​ spend​ a​ minimum​ of​ USD​ 100​ per​ order.​ To​ avail​ the​ discount,​ ABA​ Mobile​ users​ can​ follow​ these​ simple​ steps:

  1. Tap​ Services​ button​ on​ the​ home​ screen​ of​ the​ app;
  2. Look​ for​ Smile​ Shop​ in​ the​ list​ of​ Services;
  3. Browse​ for​ your​ favorite​ products​ and​ enjoy​ the​ exclusive​ discount​ during​ checkout.

Not​ an​ ABA​ Mobile​ user​ yet?​ No​ worries!​ Customers​ can​ easily​ open​ an​ ABA​ account​ using​ their​ smartphones​ and​ download​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app.

​To​ open​ an​ Instant​ Account,​ customers​ will​ need​ a​ valid​ Cambodian​ ID​ card​ and​ phone​ number.​ Once​ the​ account​ is​ set​ up,​ customers​ can​ take​ advantage​ of​ this​ exciting​ offer​ and​ enjoy​ the​ convenience​ of​ shopping​ on​ Smile​ Shop​ through​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app.

For​ more​ information​ on​ the​ full​ details​ of​ the​ promotion,​ visit​ ABA​ Bank​ website​ or​ call​ ABA​ toll-free​ number​ 1​ 800​ 203​ 203​ (inside​ Cambodia).​ ​

1 ABA Bank is the largest commercial bank in Cambodia by total assets, gross loans, customers deposits, and profitability based on the National Bank of Cambodia’s Annual Supervision Report 2021.