ABA​ Bank​ offers​ remote​ account​ opening​ for​ securities​ trading​ activities


ABA​ Bank​ offers​ remote en

ABA​ Bank​ launches​ a​ remote​ account​ opening​ service​ dedicated​ to​ securities​ trading​ activities,​ which​ allows​ its​ retail​ and​ business​ customers​ open​ Mobile​ Trading​ Account​ in​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ and​ ABA​ iBanking​ for​ Business​ (IBB)​ platform​ without​ visiting​ a​ bank​ branch.

The​ Mobile​ Trading​ Account​ is​ opened​ instantly​ and​ then​ can​ be​ used​ to​ fund​ customer’s​ accounts​ at​ brokerage​ firms​ partnered​ with​ ABA.​ The​ usage​ of​ Trading​ Account​ is​ set​ in​ the​ regulatory​ requirements​ to​ segregate​ securities​ transactions​ from​ regular​ banking​ transactions.

Individual​ investors​ can​ open​ a​ Mobile​ Trading​ Account​ in​ ABA​ Mobile​ by​ tapping​ New​ Account​ on​ the​ main​ screen​ and​ selecting​ Mobile​ Trading​ Account​ from​ the​ list​ of​ available​ accounts. Currently, ABA Bank is partnering with Alpha Gold Futures and Golden FX Link Capital, with more coming soon.

We​ invite​ derivative​ brokerage​ firms​ to​ partnership!​ If​ you​ wish​ to​ add​ your​ firm​ to​ the​ list​ of​ companies​ partnered​ with​ ABA,​ read​ our​ full​ Terms​ and​ Conditions and​ email​ us​ at​ info@remove-this.ababank.com​ or​ call​ 023​ 225​ 333.

You​ can​ download​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ from​ your​ smartphone's​ app​ store​ below:​