Own your special ABA account number at half price!


Have you been longing to own your special ABA account number, but the price was not right for you? Now you can have it at half price! Until 28 February, all ABA Special Account Number prices are slashed by 50% when you purchase it from your ABA Mobile app or at any ABA branch. To search for your favorite number now, click here.

Stand out of the crowd with your ABA Special Account Number that can look like your phone number or contain any other number important for you!

Two ways to avail this offer:

ABA Mobile

  1. Launch the ABA Mobile app and go to New Account;
  2. Tap Premium Account Number;
  3. Search for your favorite number or look at the numbers recommended for you by the app;
  4. Select the number you wish to purchase and choose the currency for the new account;
  5. Choose which account to pay from and confirm by tapping Open Now.

Over the Counter (OTC)

Visit any ABA branch near you to get your special account number.

Promotion​ period:

From 25 May to 28 February 2022 (both days included).

Other​ terms​ and​ conditions:

  • This​ offer​ is​ exclusive​ for​ purchases​ made​ in​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app and OTC.
  • The​ account​ numbers​ are​ available​ on​ the​ “first​ come,​ first​ served”​ basis.​

If​ you​ don’t​ have​ ABA​ Mobile​ yet,​ download​ it​ for​ free​ from​ your​ smartphone’s​ app​ store​ below​ and​ start​ using​ the​ modern​ mobile​ banking!