CSS Standard service fees

Issue a new/reissue expired
primary card
Annual fee for primary card/
supplementary card
3 USD/12,000 KHR
Duration of expiry 5 years
Cash withdrawal at ABA
Transaction decline at ABA and non-ABA's ATM/POS Free
Balance inquiry transaction at ABA ATM/POS Free
Cash withdrawal with non-ABA's
CSS network ATM
Depend on fee charge from other CSS member bank (max. 1800 KHR)
Balance inquiry/ min statement/
PIN change on CSS ATM/POS
Depend on fee charge from other CSS member bank (max. 500 KHR)
Purchase on CSS POSFree
Re-issue PINFree
Card replacement3 USD/12,000 KHR
Cash withdrawal limit (per day)5,000 USD
Purchase limit (per day)3,000 USD
Maximum cash withdrawal transactions per day10
Maximum purchase transactions per day10

Full information on debit cards terms and conditions, fees and charges you can get from our Relationship Managers.

1. The reissue card will be applied based on the current fee charge.
2. The conversion rate will be charged based on the current daily exchange rate.