Working​ schedule of ABA Bank during 13-16 April 2020​


Working​ schedule of ABA Bank

Dear​ valued​ customers,
​Due​ to​ the​ postponement​ of​ the​ Khmer​ New​ Year​ holidays​ to​ prevent​ the​ spread​ of​ COVID-19​ following​ Prakas​ 012/20​ K.B/S.Ch.N.Kh.L,​ all​ ABA​ Bank​ branches​ will​ continue​ to​ operate​ at​ their​ usual​ hours​ on​ 13-16​ April​ 2020.​

As​ the​ Bank​ continues​ to​ implement​ precautionary​ measures​ against​ the​ virus,​ all​ our​ staff’s body​ temperature​ is​ scanned​ before​ they​ start​ serving​ you.​ We​ also​ take​ body​ temperature​ of all​ branch​ visitors,​ and​ customers​ with​ the​ temperature​ higher​ than​ 38℃​ will​ not​ be​ permitted to​ the​ premises.​

We​ invoke​ all​ customers​ to​ practice​ social​ distancing​ and​ encourage​ to​ use​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ or​ Internet​ Banking​ service​ for​ your​ convenience​ and​ safety.​

Yours​ truly,​
ABA​ Bank​