Instant​ Account​ holders​ can​ now​ issue​ and​ order​ cards​ in​ ABA​ Mobile


Instant​ Account​ holders

ABA​ Instant​ Account​ continues​ to​ receive​ improvements​ to​ bring​ more​ convenience​ to​ its​ users!​ With​ the​ latest​ update,​ Instant​ Account holders​ can​ issue​ virtual​ cards (Visa​ and​ Mastercard)​ and​ order​ plastic​ cards​ (Visa,​ Mastercard​ or​ UPI)​ through​ their​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ in​ just​ a​ few​ taps.

Virtual​ card​ functions​ like​ any​ payment​ card​ but​ only​ exists​ virtually​ on​ the​ smartphone​ and​ can​ be​ issued​ instantly.​ It​ is​ free,​ and​ users​ can​ make​ purchases​ and​ pay​ for​ their​ subscriptions​ online​ right​ away​ after​ the​ issuance.​ To​ issue​ your​ Virtual​ card​ from​ ABA,​ simply​ follow​ the​ steps​ below:

  1. Launch​ ABA​ Mobile​ and​ tap​ Cards;
  2. Tap​ New​ Card​ and​ choose​ Virtual​ Debit​ Card;
  3. Choose​ Visa​ or​ Mastercard​ and​ the​ USD​ account1​ to​ link​ with​ the​ Virtual​ Card;
  4. Enter​ your​ email​ address​ and​ set​ your​ daily​ purchase​ limit​ for​ the​ card;
  5. Agree​ to​ the​ Terms​ and​ Conditions​ and​ tap​ Issue​ Now.

To​ order​ a​ mobile​ plastic​ card​ for​ your​ daily​ contactless​ transactions​ and​ cash​ withdrawals,​ all​ you​ need​ to​ do​ is​ follow​ the​ simple​ steps​ below:

  1. Launch​ ABA​ Mobile​ and​ tap​ Cards;
  2. Tap​ New​ Card​ and​ choose​ Debit​ Card;​
  3. Select​ Visa,​ Mastercard​ or​ UPI​ and​ the​ USD​ account1​ you​ want​ to​ link​ with​ the​ card;
  4. Input​ the​ bank​ branch​ that​ is​ nearest​ to​ you​ for​ card​ pick-up2;
  5. Agree​ to​ the​ Terms​ and​ Conditions​ and​ confirm​ by​ tapping​ Order​ Now.

1​ If​ you​ do​ not​ have​ an​ account​ in​ USD,​ open​ it​ easily​ in​ the​ app.​ Read​ more​ here.
2 Your card will be ready in 7 days and you will receive an SMS notification to pick the new card at the selected branch. Please make sure to bring along your National ID/Passport.

These​ new​ features​ come​ with​ the​ card​ management​ tools,​ which​ allow​ users​ to​ customize​ their​ cards​ from​ managing​ card​ transaction​ limits​ to​ changing​ the​ card’s​ linked​ account​ and​ more.​ Read​ more​ about​ other​ card​ management​ features​ here.​

If​ you​ don’t​ have​ an​ ABA​ account​ yet,​ use​ your​ smartphone​ to​ download​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ and​ open​ an​ Instant​ Account​ (Cambodian​ ID​ card​ and​ phone​ number​ required)​ or​ visit​ your​ nearest​ ABA​ branch.