ABA Bank and Smart Axiata introduce IPification, seamless authentication and registration solution for ABA mobile banking users


ABA IPfication

ABA​ Bank​ and​ Smart​ Axiata​ continue​ to​ lead​ Cambodia’s​ digitalization​ by​ introducing​ the​ secure​ and​ customer-friendly​ solution​ for​ users’​ identification​ and​ protection:​ IPification,​ a​ one-click​ registration,​ authentication​ and​ fraud-prevention​ system.​ ABA​ Bank​ will​ introduce​ the​ seamless​ IPification​ technology​ to​ the​ subscribers​ of​ Smart​ Axiata,​ Cambodia’s​ leading​ telecommunications​ operator,​ soon​ followed​ by​ other​ operators​ in​ the​ country.

IPification​ is​ a​ one-click​ mobile​ identity​ solution​ that​ enables​ end​ users​ to​ verify​ their​ phone​ number,​ register​ and​ log​ in​ within​ milliseconds.​ Developed​ with​ security,​ user​ experience​ and​ data​ privacy​ in​ mind,​ it​ will​ allow​ ABA​ Bank​ to​ enhance​ the​ user​ experience​ on​ its​ mobile​ banking​ app​ and​ will​ be​ used​ instead​ of​ the​ SMS-based,​ one-time-password​ (OTP)​ system​ currently​ in​ place​ in​ the​ app​ activation​ process.

Having​ received​ numerous​ awards​ for​ its​ excellence​ over​ the​ last​ decade​ from​ financial​ magazines​ such​ as​ The​ Banker,​ Global​ Finance​ and​ Euromoney,​ ABA​ Bank​ has​ grown​ to​ become​ one​ of​ the​ top​ commercial​ banks​ and​ digital​ banking​ leaders​ in​ Cambodia,​ offering​ an​ entire​ spectrum​ of​ services​ to​ individuals,​ microbusinesses​ and​ SMEs.​ To​ further​ improve​ their​ advanced​ mobile​ banking​ solution,​ ABA​ is​ integrating​ IPification​ for​ frictionless​ user​ registration​ and​ authentication.

“We​ are​ excited​ to​ expand​ our​ strategic​ partnership​ with​ Smart​ Axiata​ and​ become​ the​ first​ Cambodian​ bank​ to​ introduce​ IPification​ on​ our​ mobile​ banking​ app.​ The​ security​ and​ convenience​ of​ mobile​ banking​ is​ our​ top​ priority,​ and​ the​ introduction​ of​ IPification​ will​ allow​ us​ to​ provide​ ABA​ Mobile​ users​ with​ an​ easier​ authentication​ process,​ keeping​ the​ app​ secure​ at​ the​ same​ time.​ The​ Bank​ will​ continue​ bringing​ the​ latest​ developments​ to​ the​ local​ market,​ further​ accelerating​ the​ digital​ transformation​ throughout​ the​ country,”​ said​ Askhat​ Azhikhanov,​ ABA​ CEO.

Benefit​ Vantage​ Limited,​ the​ company​ behind​ IPification,​ is​ the​ leading​ global​ provider​ of​ mobile​ IP​ address-based​ authentication​ solutions.

“It’s​ a​ privilege​ to​ work​ with​ two​ of​ the​ top​ digital​ leaders​ in​ Cambodia,​ ABA​ –​ the​ digital​ banking​ leader,​ and​ Smart​ Axiata,​ the​ leading​ mobile​ telecommunications​ operator.​ ABA​ will​ serve​ as​ a​ great​ example​ of​ what​ it​ means​ to​ put​ the​ users​ first​ by​ providing​ them​ with​ an​ authentication​ solution​ that​ doesn’t​ compromise​ security,​ user​ experience​ or​ data​ privacy,”​ added​ Stefan​ Kostic,​ IPification​ CEO.

Smart​ Axiata​ subscribers​ who​ are​ ABA​ Mobile​ users​ will​ be​ the​ first​ to​ experience​ the​ seamless​ mobile​ authentication​ solution,​ IPification,​ for​ their​ mobile​ banking​ needs​ starting​ from​ mid-October​ 2021.

“Introducing​ the​ latest​ technologies​ and​ solutions​ to​ benefit​ users,​ both​ consumers​ and​ businesses,​ has​ always​ been​ a​ primary​ objective​ of​ Smart​ Axiata.​ Our​ partnership​ with​ Benefit​ Vantage​ Limited​ is​ yet​ another​ example​ of​ the​ role​ mobile​ operators​ play​ as​ key​ enabler​ in​ developing​ the​ economy​ and​ technology​ landscape​ in​ the​ Kingdom.​ We​ are​ glad​ that​ our​ strategic​ partner​ ABA​ is​ the​ first​ to​ provide​ the​ solution​ and​ are​ looking​ forward​ to​ many​ other​ businesses​ taking​ steps​ towards​ greater​ security​ and​ convenience​ for​ users,”​ said​ Thomas​ Hundt,​ Smart​ Axiata​ CEO.

About​ IPification
IPification​ is​ building​ the​ backbone​ for​ mobile​ authentication​ of​ today​ and​ tomorrow.​ By​ verifying​ the​ device,​ SIM​ &​ phone​ number​ via​ IP​ address,​ IPification​ patented​ technology​ is​ enabling​ secure,​ passwordless,​ zero-tap​ compatible​ mobile​ user​ authentication,​ registration,​ transaction​ approval​ and​ fraud​ prevention​ solutions​ for​ any​ mobile​ application.​ Readily​ available​ across​ numerous​ countries​ and​ regions,​ IPification​ is​ trusted​ by​ some​ of​ the​ leading​ telco,​ technology,​ payment,​ and​ OTT​ companies​ including​ Microsoft,​ GBG,​ DataZoo,​ 3HongKong,​ Axiata​ Digital.​
Benefit​ Vantage​ Limited​ is​ a​ provider​ of​ security​ and​ data​ backup​ solutions​ in​ Asia,​ headquartered​ in​ Hong​ Kong,​ it​ has​ a​ subsidiary​ in​ Switzerland,​ IPIFICATION​ INTERNATIONAL​ AG,​ and​ representatives​ operating​ in​ the​ U.S.,​ U.K.,​ Serbia,​ Russia,​ Bosnia,​ Brazil,​ India,​ Vietnam​ and​ Pakistan.
For​ more​ information,​ please​ visit​ www.ipification.com

About​ Smart
Smart​ Axiata​ Co.,​ Ltd.,​ Cambodia’s​ leading​ mobile​ telecommunications​ operator,​ currently​ serves​ 8​ million​ subscribers​ under​ the​ 'Smart'​ brand.​ Smart​ Axiata​ is​ part​ of​ Axiata​ Group​ Berhad,​ one​ of​ Asia’s​ largest​ telecommunications​ groups.
Smart​ is​ at​ the​ forefront​ of​ mobile​ technology​ advancement​ in​ Cambodia.​ Smart​ was​ the​ first​ network​ to​ introduce​ 4G​ LTE​ in​ 2014,​ 4G​ LTE​ Advanced​ (also​ known​ as​ 4G+)​ in​ 2016, and 4G​ LTE​ Advanced​ Pro​ (also​ known​ as​ 4.5G)​ with​ HD​ Voice​ (VoLTE)​ in​ 2017.​ In​ mid-2019,​ Smart​ hosted​ the​ first​ 5G​ live​ showcase,​ manifesting​ its​ data​ leadership​ position​ in​ Cambodia.​ Smart​ also​ provides​ 2G,​ 2.5G,​ 3G​ and​ 3.75G​ mobile​ services,​ as​ well​ as​ international​ roaming​ across​ more​ than​ 190​ countries.​ Its​ extensive​ nationwide​ network​ coverage​ stretches​ to​ 99%​ of​ the​ Cambodian​ population.
The​ company​ is​ also​ rapidly​ transforming​ itself​ into​ a​ digital​ lifestyle​ brand,​ having​ introduced​ many​ innovative​ offerings​ and​ lifestyle​ entertainment​ value​ propositions.​ This​ includes​ various​ international​ brand​ partnerships​ with​ Universal​ Music,​ Apple​ and​ Facebook,​ as​ well​ as​ digital​ services​ including​ Smart​ Insurance,​ SmartPay,​ Pleng​ by​ Smart,​ Pi​ Pay​ and​ SmartNas.​ Smart​ aspires​ to​ be​ the​ #1​ and​ most​ loved​ communication​ tech​ brand​ in​ Cambodia​ by​ 2022,​ while​ having​ a​ strong​ corporate​ social​ responsibility​ and​ sustainability​ agenda​ for​ national​ socio-economic​ growth.
The​ company's​ workforce​ consists​ of​ over​ 1000​ local​ and​ foreign​ experts​ striving​ towards​ a​ common​ mission​ of​ connecting​ and​ making​ lives​ better.​ Live.​ Life.​ Be​ Smart.