Tasty End of the Year exclusively for ABA Mastercard holders!


As​ every​ food​ lover​ says,​ “there​ is​ no​ love​ sincerer​ than​ the​ love​ for​ food!”​

ABA​ announces​ the​ Tasty​ End​ of​ the​ Year​ for​ ABA​ Mastercard​ holders!​ You​ now​ can​ enjoy​ from​ 20​ to​ 30​ percent​ discount​ for​ a​ variety​ of​ delicious​ food​ and​ drinks​ you​ purchase​ with​ ABA​ Mastercard​ at​ a​ wide​ range​ of​ restaurant​ and​ café​ chains​ in​ Phnom​ Penh​ and​ provinces​ where​ the​ participating​ merchants​ are​ operating.

The​ promotion​ is​ running​ until​ mid-January​ 2019,​ so​ seize​ the​ moment​ and​ enjoy​ your​ favorite​ food​ with​ our​ exclusive​ offer​ today!​

Promotion​ period
December​ 15,​ 2018​ –​ January​ 15,​ 2019​ (both​ days​ included)

Participating​ merchants

  1. YAM​ YAM​ Restaurant​ (all​ 2​ branches)​ –​ 20%.​
  2. Arabitia​ Café​ (all​ 7​ branches)​ –​ 20%​ (for​ drinks​ only).
  3. Lucky​ Burger​ (all​ 14​ branches)​ –​ 20%.
  4. Vego​ Salad​ Bar​ Boeung​ Keng​ Kang​ (1​ branch)​ –​ 30%.
  5. Kagna​ Ouddom​ Khmer​ Food​ (1​ branch)​ –​ 20%.

Terms​ and​ conditions

  • Applicable​ for​ both​ new​ and​ existing​ ABA​ Mastercard​ holders.​
  • Eligible​ for​ any​ purchase​ made​ with​ physical​ ABA​ Mastercard​ and​ at​ participating​ merchants​ only.
  • Available​ on​ a​ “first​ come,​ first​ served”​ basis,​ and​ until​ the​ stock​ lasts.​
  • The​ promotion​ cannot​ be​ used​ in​ combination​ with​ other​ discounts,​ coupons,​ promotions,​ or​ special​ offers.
  • ABA​ Bank​ reserves​ the​ rights​ at​ its​ discretion​ to​ terminate​ this​ program​ or​ vary,​ delete​ or​ add​ to​ any​ of​ these​ terms​ and​ conditions​ without​ prior​ notice.​
  • ABA​ Bank’s​ decision​ on​ all​ matters​ related​ to​ this​ program​ is​ final,​ and​ no​ correspondence​ will​ be​ entertained.

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