Khmer New Year celebrations have come early for dozens of fortunate Cambodians who won hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of prizes as part of ABA bank's nationwide lucky draw promotional campaign.

Mr Huot Kimseng from Kampong Cham (check please) drove away in a brand new BMW X6 worth USD $105,000 while Yin Sna, Chun Man Jong and Ou Dary drove away on Honda Scoopy's worth an estimated USD $2000 each.

Other prize winners were as follows - iPads - Seng Tech, Roeung Kaghchara, Kong Touch; 42" LED TVs - ACT Computer, Se Kuthkola, Nhim Vannaroeun; LED TVs - Mashiur Rahman, Chhorn Narith Eang Keang; Nokia E7s - Khoeun Monirasmey, Loris David Nicholas, Chamroeun Thima, Long Sochit, Soy Vanhorn, Doeurn Sophorn, Lim Elma Robles, Chhun Chakrya, Kean Borin, Chun Nimul, Lim Theary, Hok Reatha, Nguon Buchannica, Sophea Sophal, Sam Bunnat; IPod Nanos - Bun Chanthoeun, Hok Chheang Sorn, Chea Piseth and Ching Kong Kea, Lem Yongly, Lip Sovanna, Kean Borin, Orng Pisey, Kry Sina, Eak Ny, Lim Elma Robles, Phanmom and So Somaly, Chhun Chakrya, Prak Voeun, Sok Dara, Sok Langdy, Chey Sothea, Lim Theary, Nhim Soriya, Thea Muoykeang, Sok Dany.

"We wanted to find a way to show our customers how much we value their loyalty to our bank," said ABA First Deputy Chief Executive Officer Askhat Azhikhanov. "With the Khmer New Year fast approaching we thought it was only fitting that we reward at least some of our customers by giving away these fantastic prizes."

To be eligible to win the BMW X6 sports vehicle customers had to maintain a balance of USD $30,000 in an ABA 'Let's Win' fixed deposit account. The account had to be open up until the day of the lucky draw.

To win the 2nd place prizes account holders had to maintain a balance of USD $3000 in a fixed deposit account. To be eligible to win the 3rd place prizes lucky draw participants had to maintain a balance in a fixed deposit account of USD $300.

"We recognise that not everybody would be eligible for the top prize so we tried to make it fairer by offering additional prizes to suit a cross-section of our customers," added Mr. Azhikhanov. "We appreciate all of our customers no matter how large or small."

ABA Bank was founded in 1996 as the Advanced Bank of Asia Limited. The institution was originally set up to provide commercial banking services to a limited number of corporate clients. Since 2007 ABA Bank has broadened its scope to focus on the retail-banking sector. The bank's aim is to provide dependable, easy-to-use and technologically advanced banking services throughout Cambodia.

ABA Bank currently has ten branches across the country including 7 in Phnom Penh. In 2011 ABA became the first Cambodian financial institution to become the Asian Banking & Finance Retail Banking Magazine's Retail Bank of the Year.


Issued on behalf of ABA Bank by Quantum Publicity

For further information contact Glen Felgate on 012 800 966 or

via email: glenf(at)

Level 1 Price Winners

BMW X6Account NumberIdentification
Huot Kimseng0000475226N0603458

Level 2 Price Winners

Honda Scoopy Winners
YIN SNA 00006053310358329
CHUN MAN JONG 000051817 M88980721
OU DARY 000056334 170001313
IPAD Winners    
SENG TECH 000056454 10040654
ROUENG KAGHCHARA 000050559 20532293
KONG TOUCH 000058851 170574303
42' LED TV    
ACT COMPUTER 000046764 010463001
SE KUTHKOLA 000057104 10407945
NHIM VANNAROEUN 000054415 10015045

Level 3 Price Winners

MASHIUR RAHMAN 000052081 E 0303189
CHHORN NARITH 000060292 150344349
ENG KEANG 000055279 010429367

Nokia E7 (15 Winners)    
KHOEUN MONIRASMEY 000053132 010038516
LORIS DAVID NICHOLAS 000054027 711712601
CHAMROEUN THIMA 000054454 180382547
LONG SOCHIT 000054678 180289848
SOY VANHORN 000059490 010245210
DOEURN SOPHORN 000051601 170401239
LIM ELMA ROBLES 000047051 EB1665773
CHHUN CHAKRYA 000056864 010145918
KEAN BORIN 000060953 010 230163
CHUN NIMUL 000057228 N0596141
LIM THEARY 000060320 010468941
HOK REATHA 000049910 2057
SOPHEA SOPHAL 000054091 170386618
SAM BUNNAT 000054340 170042724
IPOD Nano (20 winners)    
BUN CHANTHOEUN 000048949 10594545
HOK CHHEANG SORN 000056376 010247333
CHEA PISETH AND CHING KONG KEA 000057613 010186673
LEM YONGLY 000048139 010117524
LIP SOVANNA 000049892 010195803
KEAN BORIN 000060954 010 230163
ORNG PISEY 000048376 010288687
SOK DANY 00059309 10359128
KRY SINA 000050309 170389478
EAK NY 000057405 170010244
LIM ELMA ROBLES 000047055 EB1665774
PHANMOM AND SO SOMALY 000052151 010410109​/​010318242
CHHUN CHAKRYA 000056871 010145918
PRAK VOEUN 000058127 010239481
SOK DARA 000057200 010512662
SOK LANGDY 000050432 010432527
CHEY SOTHEA 000058413 060881206
LIM THEARY 000060293 010468941
NHIM SORIYA 000050384 N0648300
THEA MUOYKEANG 000049820 170531616