ABA​ sponsors $1,650,000 and becomes​ the​ exclusive​ bank​ of Cambodia SEA Games 2023


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ABA​ Bank,​ the​ largest​ commercial​ bank​ in​ Cambodia1,​ inked​ the​ Sponsorship​ Agreement​ with​ the​ Cambodia​ SEA​ Games​ Organizing​ Committee​ (CAMSOC)​ as​ the​ "Exclusive​ Bank​ Sponsor"​ and​ "Exclusive​ Cashless​ Payment​ Sponsor"​ of​ the​ 32nd​ Southeast​ Asia​ Games​ and​ the​ 12th​ ASEAN​ Para​ Games​ (SEA​ Games).

Under​ the​ Agreement,​ ABA​ Bank​ is​ committed​ to​ providing​ $1,500,000​ of​ in-cash​ and​ in-kind​ sponsorship​ to​ support​ the​ Cambodian​ national​ team​ and​ the​ hosts​ and​ facilitate​ marketing​ campaigns​ aimed​ at​ promoting​ the​ Games​ spirit​ among​ ABA​ customers.​

Another​ support​ of​ up​ to​ $150,000​ will​ be​ used​ to​ match​ the​ donations​ for​ Team​ Cambodia​ made​ on​ the​ KhmerCare​ platform​ available​ at​ www.khmercare.com.​

The​ signing​ ceremony​ was​ presided​ over​ by​ Askhat​ Azhikhanov,​ CEO​ of​ ABA​ Bank,​ H.E.​ Vath​ Chamroeun,​ Secretary-General​ of​ CAMSOC,​ Steven​ Path,​ CEO​ of​ Pathmazing​ Company​ that​ acts​ as​ a​ one​ window​ service​ to​ raise​ funds​ for​ the​ Games,​ and​ other​ distinguished​ guests​ at​ the​ National​ Olympic​ Committee​ of​ Cambodia.

Commenting​ on​ this​ milestone​ occasion,​ Askhat​ Azhikhanov​ said,​ "We​ are​ proud​ that​ Cambodia​ is​ finally​ hosting​ the​ SEA​ Games;​ it​ reflects​ Cambodia's​ steady​ development,​ economic​ growth,​ and​ political​ stability.​ As​ an​ active​ corporate​ citizen,​ ABA​ plays​ its​ role​ in​ the​ country's​ development.​ Supporting​ sports,​ including​ youth​ and​ disadvantaged​ people,​ is​ one​ of​ our​ core​ CSR​ commitments​ to​ the​ people.​ That​ is​ why​ sponsoring​ the​ historic​ SEA​ Games​ in​ Cambodia​ was​ a​ natural​ fit​ for​ ABA.​ Apart​ from​ our​ primary​ roles​ as​ Exclusive​ Bank​ and​ Exclusive​ Cashless​ Payment​ Sponsor,​ we​ will​ utilize​ our​ channels​ to​ promote​ the​ spirit​ of​ the​ Games​ and​ awareness​ to​ Cambodians​ before​ and​ during​ the​ Games."

In​ his​ remark,​ H.E.​ Vath​ Chamroeun​ welcomed​ the​ sponsorship​ from​ ABA​ Bank​ and​ expressed​ pride​ that​ companies​ from​ the​ private​ sector​ support​ such​ an​ important​ event​ for​ the​ country.​ "Today's​ signing​ is​ not​ about​ monetary​ support​ but​ about​ working​ together​ to​ boost​ the​ value​ of​ the​ event​ by​ facilitating​ the​ payment​ process​ of​ all​ delegates,​ participants,​ and​ visitors​ coming​ to​ this​ prestigious​ sports​ event,"​ he​ mentioned.

"On​ behalf​ of​ CAMSOC,​ I​ thank​ ABA​ Bank​ for​ their​ contribution​ to​ the​ SEA​ Games​ and​ overall​ sports​ movement​ of​ Cambodia,"​ he​ added.

The​ SEA​ Games​ 2023​ will​ be​ the​ first-ever​ event​ held​ in​ Cambodia​ from​ 5-17​ May,​ and​ the​ ASEAN​ Para​ Games​ will​ be​ held​ from​ June​ 3-9.

ABA​ Bank​ has​ continuously​ backed​ the​ sports​ sector​ in​ line​ with​ its​ corporate​ values.​ Specifically,​ the​ Bank​ sponsored​ the​ Cambodian​ Judo​ Federation,​ the​ national​ football​ team,​ and​ regularly​ supports​ the​ national​ tennis​ team.

1 ABA​ Bank​ is​ the​ largest​ commercial​ bank​ in​ Cambodia​ based​ on​ total​ assets,​ gross​ loans,​ customer​ deposits​ and​ profitability​ based​ on​ the​ National​ Bank​ of​ Cambodia’s​ Annual​ Supervision​ Report​ 2021.