ABA prioritizes security and convenience with FacePass Secure in its mobile app


facepass secure

ABA Bank, Cambodia's leading provider of digital banking solutions, announces the launch of FacePass Secure, a revolutionary security feature within the ABA Mobile app.

FacePass Secure marks the first-ever integration of facial recognition technology into a mobile banking application within Cambodia, setting a new standard for secure and convenient banking experiences.

It utilizes advanced facial recognition technology to safeguard users during critical activities within ABA Mobile. Acting as a second-factor verification on top of existing PIN or biometrics, FacePass Secure will be used for:

  • High-value transactions and payments
  • Accessing and modifying sensitive personal information,
  • Streamlining various app functionalities, including eKYC during Instant Account opening, authorization during activation/reactivation of ABA Mobile, and changes to the phone number, PIN, and user's profile.

Importantly, FacePass replaces the previously used Secret Word, simplifying the user experience and eliminating the risk of forgotten or stolen login credentials.

"We believe FacePass Secure represents a significant leap forward in mobile banking security and user experience," said Zokhir Rasulov, Chief Digital Officer at ABA Bank. "This innovative feature demonstrates ABA Bank's unwavering commitment to safeguarding its customers' financial information while prioritizing data privacy and providing them with the most convenient and secure banking tools available."

Use ABA Mobile to discover how FacePass Secure empowers you to bank with confidence and ease!

If you don't have ABA Mobile installed on your smartphone yet, you can easily get it here. Opening an ABA Instant Account only takes two minutes (a valid Cambodian ID is required), and the account becomes available right after opening.