Equip educators and young entrepreneurs with essential skills, ABA sponsors KE’s UniPreneur Program


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ABA Bank, Cambodia’s largest commercial bank, proudly sponsored the UniPreneur Program, a comprehensive initiative organized by Khmer Enterprise (KE) to cultivate a new generation of young entrepreneurs in Cambodia. The program fosters entrepreneurial mindsets and equips aspiring individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to turn their ideas into successful ventures.

On 23-25 January, KE held a graduation ceremony for the UniPreneurCamp B3, a three-day mini-demo event showcasing the entrepreneurial spirit of students at Kirirom Institute of Technology (KIT), marking a significant milestone in their entrepreneurial journey.

The event saw ten student teams pitch their innovative business ideas to a panel of esteemed judges, competing for recognition and support for their ventures.

As a dedicated supporter of Cambodia's entrepreneurial ecosystem, ABA Bank partnered with Khmer Enterprise to make UniPreneur Program a success. The bank's gold sponsorship provided crucial financial backing, enabling organizers to provide students with a platform to showcase their talents and connect with potential mentors and investors.

“At ABA Bank, we believe in fostering the next generation of Cambodian business leaders,” declared Ms. Theam Romny, Chief External Relations Officer and Regional Manager at ABA Bank, in her keynote address.

“By collaborating with Khmer Enterprise and supporting initiatives like UniPreneurCamp, we aim to bridge the gap between conceptualized ideas and venture reality. We understand that early support and guidance, along with financial resources, mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to valuable expertise, are all critical ingredients for entrepreneurial success,” Romny added.

The culmination of UniPreneurCamp B3 saw three teams awarded prizes for their outstanding performances. However, the true winners of the event were all the participating students who dared to dream big, persevere through challenges, and showcased their entrepreneurial potential. With their unwavering spirit and innovative ideas, they represent the bright future of Cambodia's business landscape.

ABA Bank remains committed to supporting young entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. Through continuous collaboration with leading organizations like Khmer Enterprise and initiatives like UniPreneurCamp B3, the bank continues to invest in a future fueled by innovation, creativity, and the boundless potential of Cambodia's youth.

UniPreneur offers a three-pronged approach to cultivating the next generation of Cambodian entrepreneurs: UnipreneurCamp empowers 120 students to bring their ideas to life with expert guidance, UnipreneurSprint equips 30 existing startups with vital market skills, and UnipreneurEducator empowers 28 professors from 23 universities to nurture future entrepreneurial minds. This comprehensive program ignites innovation and prepares young leaders to drive Cambodia's future.