eMoney Network

To​ continue​ expanding​ its​ loan​ repayment​ service​ network,​ ABA​ Bank​ partnered​ with​ eMoney​ so​ you​ can​ take​ advantage​ of​ the​ 8,000+​ eMoney​ agents​ across​ the​ country​ that​ are​ closer​ to​ you​ than​ ABA​ cash-in​ machine​ or​ branch.​ With​ fees​ starting​ from​ as​ low​ as​ 0.30​ USD​ or​ 1,200​ KHR,​ putting​ money​ into​ your​ ABA​ account​ is​ easy​ and​ affordable.

Experience​ a​ quick​ and​ convenient​ way​ to​ repay​ your​ loan​ through​ eMoney​ agents.

Easy​ steps​ to​ cash-in​ funds​ to​ your​ ABA​ account​ at​ eMoney​ agent

  1. Visit​ your​ nearest​ eMoney​ Agent​ (for​ the​ exact​ location​ of​ the​ nearest​ agent,​  please​ call​ eMoney​ call​ center​ at​ 023​ 6​55 5​666).
  2. Provide​ eMoney​ Agent​ with​ the​ 9-digit​ ABA​ account​ number,​ your​ personal​ phone​ number,​ and​ the​ required​ amount​ in​ USD​ or​ KHR​ including​ the​ fee.
  3. Done!​  You​ will​ receive​ the​ receipt​ from​ eMoney​ Agent​ along​ with​ the​ SMS​ confirmation​ of​ the​ successful​ transaction.

The​ fees​ to​ transfer​ money​ into​ your​ ABA​ loan​ account​ via​ the​ eMoney​ agent​ network​ in​ USD​ and​ KHR​ are​ as​ follows:

Transfers in USD

AmountFeeDaily limitMonthly limit
0.01 - 500.30 2,500 5,000
50.01 – 1000.40
100.01 – 5000.75
500.01 – 1,0001.00
1,000.01 – 2,5001.50 

Transfers in KHR

AmountFeeDaily limitMonthly limit
1 - 200,0001,20010M20M
200,001 – 400,0001,600
400,001 – 2,000,0003,000
2,000,001 – 4,000,0004,000
4,000,100 – 10,000,0006,000 
ABA – eMoney loan repayment is the service integration between ABA Bank and eMoney to allow loan customers to conveniently repay their loan with ABA through the network of eMoney agents across Cambodia.
You can cash-in the required amount of money at any eMoney agent which is close to you or your place of business. After the successful transaction, the money will be immediately deposited into your ABA loan repayment account.
You need to provide the 9-digit ABA account number,  personal phone number and the required amount of money (in USD or KHR) including the fee to the eMoney agent.
In order to get the most updated information on eMoney agents,  please call eMoney Contact Center at 023 6 555 666.
You need to inform the agent about it immediately,  so the agent can contact eMoney Contact Center to start the reversal procedures.
Note:  eMoney agent will always double-check the information with you before confirming the payment. So, please check it carefully and ask agent to correct your account number immediately if it is wrong. Please always keep a receipt from the agent for your reference.
Yes, you can. Please make sure your relative knows your 9-digit ABA account number  and provides the correct amount of cash (in USD or KHR) including the fee to eMoney agent.
In such case,  please take a photo of your transaction receipt and send to ABA loan officer by any means for their reference. Alternatively, you can call eMoney Contact Center at 023 6 555 666 for support.
The fee depends on the amount you transfer. Please check the Transfer Fees table for details. Note: The processing fee must be paid separately from the amount you wish to deposit to your ABA Bank account.

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