Stand a chance to win iPhone 14 Pro Max Bi-weekly with ABA Mastercard


Another​ great​ opportunity​ returns!

You​ can​ now​ stand​ a​ chance​ to​ win​ the​ latest​ iPhone​ 14​ Pro​ Max​ again​ with​ ABA​ Mastercard.​ The​ perfect​ time​ to​ issue​ a​ new​ ABA​ Mastercard​ and​ experience​ secure​ and​ convenient​ cashless​ payment​ which​ also​ gives​ you​ the​ chance​ to​ win​ the​ latest​ iPhone​ 14​ Pro​ Max!

Don't​ have​ an​ ABA​ Mastercard​ yet?​ Learn​ how​ to​ issue​ a​ virtual​ or​ plastic​ Mastercard​ through​ your​ ABA​ Mobile.

Promotion​ Period:​ 8​ March​ -​ 2​ May​ 2023​ (both​ days​ included).

Promotion​ Mechanics

Issue​ a​ new​ ABA​ Mastercard​ and​ make​ a​ purchase​ of​ $100​ or​ more​ to​ get​ one​ lucky​ draw​ entry​ to​ win​ the​ latest​ iPhone​ 14​ Pro​ Max​ bi-weekly!

Terms​ and​ Conditions

  • The​ promotion​ is​ applicable​ for​ all​ new​ Mastercard​ holders,​ including​ virtual​ cards.
  • Every​ $100​ spent​ in​ a​ single​ receipt​ will​ generate​ one​ lucky​ draw​ entry.
  • There​ will​ be​ a​ total​ of​ eight​ winners​ in​ this​ promotion.​ Two​ lucky​ winners​ will​ be​ identified​ in​ a​ lucky​ draw​ bi-weekly,​ and​ each​ will​ receive​ one​ iPhone​ 14​ Pro​ Max.
  • Winners​ will​ be​ contacted​ by​ ABA​ Bank​ to​ claim​ the​ prizes​ only​ via​ the​ phone​ number​ 098​ 203​ 203​ within​ 8​ working​ days​ after​ the​ lucky​ draw​ and​ according​ to​ this​ schedule:

    • The​ 1st​ lucky​ draw​ winners​ will​ be​ announced​ on​ 31​ March​ 2023;
    • The​ 2nd​ lucky​ draw​ winners​ will​ be​ announced​ on​ 17​ April​ 2023;
    • The​ 3rd​ lucky​ draw​ winners​ will​ be​ announced​ on​ 28​ April​ 2023;
    • The​ 4th​ lucky​ draw​ winners​ will​ be​ announced​ on​ 12​ May​ 2023.

  • There​ will​ be​ no​ repeat​ winners,​ and​ the​ prize​ is​ non-transferable​ and​ non-convertible​ to​ cash.
  • The​ winner​ must​ claim​ the​ prize​ within​ 3​ days​ after​ the​ winners’​ announcement.​ If​ the​ prize​ is​ not​ claimed​ during​ the​ assigned​ redemption​ time,​ a​ new​ prize​ winner​ will​ be​ identified.
  • ABA​ and​ Mastercard's​ staff​ are​ not​ eligible​ for​ this​ promotion.
  • By​ participating​ in​ this​ promotion,​ winners​ will​ automatically​ be​ required​ to​ participate​ in​ publicity​ activities​ where​ their​ name,​ nationality,​ and​ country​ of​ residence​ may​ be​ disclosed​ to​ the​ public.
  • ABA​ Bank​ and​ Mastercard​ reserve​ the​ rights​ at​ their​ discretion​ to​ terminate​ this​ promotion​ or​ vary,​ delete,​ or​ add​ to​ any​ of​ these​ terms​ and​ conditions​ without​ prior​ notice.
  • ABA​ Bank​ and​ Mastercard's​ decision​ on​ any​ matter​ will​ be​ final,​ and​ no​ correspondence​ will​ be​ entertained.