Virtual MasterCard

We cooperated with MasterCard® to present you completely free Virtual MasterCard that makes your online shopping experience even more easy, convenient and secure.

What is a Virtual Card

Virtual Card is an instantly issued on-screen image of a prepaid card bearing the logo of MasterCard. It has all the properties and attributes of real payment card, but only exists virtually and does not have a physical carrier. 

With Virtual MasterCard from ABA you can make payments or purchases exactly the same way as with real card on any online store that displays MasterCard logo, including Amazon, EBay or AliExpress.

How it works

Upon your request, we randomly generate virtual card number that enables you to make online purchases or payments without revealing the primary account or card details. The transaction-level authorization controls let you define how, where and when your account is used. You credit the card only with the necessary amount immediately before each shopping and use it for a predefined period, after which the unused money will be credited back to your main account.


  • No issuance and annual fee*
  • Instant issuance of the card
  • Safe online payments
  • Notification on each transaction**
  • Security and anonymousness

How to apply

Currently, you can issue Virtual MasterCard on your own through ABA Internet Banking service*. If you are new to ABA, you will first need to open an account with us. To learn how to create your Virtual Card, click here.
*Having account in ABA and subscription for Internet banking service is required.

Taking care of security

Here are the essential tips to protect yourself while making payments on the Internet:

  • Assure yourself of the reputation of the Internet trader before disclosing your card details. To protect the funds, we recommend to you to shop from well-known and reliable sites and traders!
  • Before entering information about your card on the Internet, make sure that the address starts with . This means that the entered information is encoded and cannot be captured by a scammer.
  • Do not respond to an e-mail, in which someone asks you to confirm data about your card or username and password for your registration on the Internet.
  • We recommend you to shop on the Internet at web sites, bearing the logo “SecureCode” and “3D-Secure” from MasterCard. These are the most contemporary systems, which provide security upon the transmission of data and payments on Internet sites.

Please remember that ABA Bank never requests the full number and information about your card or your PIN code!