How to apply

How to apply

Virtual MasterCard is an online payment card which you can use to make purchases on the internet with high security and low risks. You can issue the card yourself and optimize to your requirement like card limit usage count, amount to be used or an expiry date of the card.

Virtual MasterCard is not a physical card but has all the attributes and facilities of a plastic payment card. Any Internet card must be linked to the debited/credited account. Internet card provides an easy and convenient means of purchase on the Internet.


To create a card, you need to login to your ABA iBanking. Select the “Account, Cards” menu item, click on “Cards” sub menu and then click the “Issue Internet Card” button.


Specify the following parameters on the Issue Internet Card page:

  1. Account Number – account to be debited during card payments. Select the account from the drop-down list.
  2. Card Description – helps to distinguish the card in case there are several cards on the list.
  3. Expires – card expiration date. Specify the date in the dialog box. By default, it is the current date.
  4. Card Use Count – maximum number of purchases by card allowed for the specified period. Note: The card usage limit cannot exceed the maximum value defined by the Bank. This value depends on the reset period.
  5. Limit Amount – maximum purchase amount for the specified period. Note: The purchase amount limit cannot exceed the maximum value defined by the Bank. This value depends on the reset period.
  6. Limit Reset Period – time period over which the card limit counters are to be reset. Select the required value from the drop-down list:
  • In ... Days: The limit is reset after the period specified in the Number of Days field.
  • Weekly: The period lasts one week. The limit is reset on the day specified in the Day of Week field.
  • Monthly: The period lasts one month. The limit is reset on the day specified in the Day of Month field.
  • Once a Quarter: The period lasts one quarter. The limit is reset on the day specified in the Day of Quarter field.
  • Nonrenewable: If selected, the period cannot be changed while working with card limits.
  • Per Operation: The limit counter is reset before each operation.

Click on the “Issue Card” button once you have put in all the details.


Read the message on the uses and restrictions of the ABA Virtual MasterCard.

After reading the message, click the “Issue” button if you agree to the terms and conditions. Issuing Confirmation window will appear which will show the card issue parameters that you selected. Please check the attributes of the virtual card and click on the “Issue” button.


Depending on the type of dynamic authentication you are using for iBanking you can confirm Virtual card issuance by:

SMS one-time password

Once the card is successfully issued, it’s better to save to a file or print out the data required for performing operations by this virtual card: card number (PAN), expiration date and secret code CVV2.

Activation of Virtual Card

After issuing the Virtual MasterCard, you have to activate it for Internet transactions.

  • Select the “Accounts, Cards” menu item and click on the card you are going to use for internet transactions.
  • Change eCommerce Status of card to “Active” and define the 4 digits internet-PIN because some web-sites can ask for this static password.
  • Define email address for receiving One Time Passwords from 3D Secured web-sites. You can recognize the secure websites by the following logos:


If you do not complete the above steps, virtual card cannot be used. Once you have activated the card and filled out the required fields, you can now use it for online purchases.

Need help?

If you need any further details, please feel free to contact our Contact Center at +855 (0)23 225 333 available 24/7 for you.