Virtual Mastercard

Terms and fees

EligibilityApplicable for opening through ABA Mobile App
Types of Card availabilityMastercard / VISA card
Number of Active Virtual Cards**Limited to Virtual Cards, Mastercard and/or Visa Card. Blocked Card: is also an active card.
Daily Purchase Limit***between USD 1.00 to USD 10,000.00 per one virtual card
Virtual Card Validity period2 years
Interest RateYou will not receive any interest on the funds on the Card.****
Fee Charge*****One Virtual Card issuance per month is free. Subsequent issuance of Virtual Card within the same month is $USD 3.00
Daily Purchase Count1 to 5 (Can be set by User in App)

All Terms and Conditions are subject to ABA Bank’s sole discretion in changing without prior notice to customers.

* Virtual Card can only be created from USD Account.
** “Virtual Card” refers to VIRTUAL Mastercard or VISA card issued to you by ABA upon your instruction and eligible criterion, satisfactorily fulfilled ABA’s requirement to provide the service. The Virtual Card is a prepaid and reloadable card. You can set the balance of Virtual Card within limits provided by ABA.
*** You can set and change the purchase limit within this range anytime. You can block and unblock the Virtual card anytime at your needs.
**** When creating virtual card, your account will not be debited. Your account will only be debited when you make purchase of product/services using the card.
***** All fees and charges are not refundable. Fees and charges are subject to change. ABA will communicate the change of fee and charge to you during your process of purchase the Virtual Card through ABA’s channels such as ABA Mobile Application, iBanking, etc.

How to issue Virtual Mastercard

  • User must have ABA Mobile App. If does not have yet, please click here to learn more and download.
  • Enter ABA Mobile App then click on New Virtual Card
  • Agree with Term and Condition
  • Choose account that like to connect with the card
  • Enter your email address Enter your phone number
  • Set your balance that want to use with virtual card then click Issue Now.