UnionPay Platinum

Your exceptional privilege to access ATMs and merchants worldwide and get discounts at more than 300 merchants in Cambodia with ABA Point discount program. With only $30 of the annual fee, you can get access to exclusive airpot lounge 6 times per year and indulge yourself with comfortable seating, drinks and light snacks, computer terminals and WiFi internet.

Service Fee

Issue a new/reissue expired primary cardFree
Duration of expiry5 years
Annual maintenance primary/supplementary card$30
Cash withdrawal at ABA POS and ATMFree
Cash withdrawal at other Cambodian banks' ATM/POS2% of amount withdrawn, min $5
Purchase inside CambodiaFree
Purchase outside CambodiaFree
Purchase / cash withdrawal outside of Cambodia in non-USD2% for currency conversion
Transaction decline at ABA Bank's ATM/POSFree
Balance inquiry transaction at ABA Bank's ATM/POSFree
Transaction decline at other bank's ATM/POS$0.3
Balance inquiry transaction at other bank's ATM/POS$0.5
Re-issue PIN$2/PIN
Capture at other bank's ATM/POS (Incorrect PIN or Expired Card)$5
Cash withdrawal/purchase limit (per day)$5,000
Maximum cash withdrawal transactions (per day)10
Maximum purchase transactions (per day)10
Free access to PP and SR airport lounge service6 times/year

Full information on debit cards terms and conditions, fees and charges you can get from our Relationship Managers.