To provide a better experience for multi-currency money transfers, ABA introduces RemitEx – a dedicated money transfer channel with fixed exchange rates for selected countries. 

RemitEx money transfer service allows you to enjoy fixed exchange rate when the sending currency is different from the receiving currency, so your recipient won’t lose on the fluctuation of the currency exchange rate that occur after the transaction is made. The transfer amount will be debited from your ABA Bank account in USD and credited to your beneficiary’s bank account in their local currency.

In addition, we waived “OUR” fee (the fee for delivery of transfer with no deductions) for RemitEx, which means that you can now save at least $30 per transaction and your beneficiary’s bank will receive the full amount in their local currency without any deductions.

With RemitEx, you can now transfer funds to your family, friends or business partners in 14 countries and enjoy the service with favorable fees and no exchange rate fluctuation.

RemitEx service – send more, pay less!

Eligible countries and their currencies

Country NameCurrency
United Arab EmiratesDirham (AED)
AustraliaDollar (AUD)
CanadaDollar (CAD)
SwitzerlandFranc (CHF)
Hong KongDollar (HKD)
JapanYen (JPY)
NorwayKrone (NOK)
New ZealandDollar (NZD)
PolandZloty (PLN)
QatarRiyal (QAR)
Saudi ArabiaRiyal (SAR)
SwedenKrona (SEK)
TurkeyLira (TRY)
South AfricaRand (ZAR)

Terms and Conditions

  • No “OUR” fee. The full amount in local currency will be credited to the beneficiary’s bank.
  • Transfer will be debited from client’s account in USD and credited to the beneficiary’s bank in one of 14 available currencies.
  • Currency exchange rates are provided by ABA bank every morning.
  • The rates are valid for 24 hours.
  • Transfers are still subject to Commission charge that will be based on amount equivalent to USD:

- If USD amount is less than or equal to USD 9,000: $15.
- If USD amount is more than USD 9,000: 0.15% (or $15, whichever is higher) plus cable fee $15.

How to transfer?

Visit one of our branches and meet our Relationship Managers who will guide you through the application procedure, or give us a call at 023 225 333 for further information.