SmartLuy - ABA transfers

ABA Bank partnered with Smart Axiata to offer convenient money transfer services between ABA and SmartLuy. With the fees starting from as low as 0.25 USD or 1,000 riel, you can send money directly from your ABA account to any SmartLuy wallet or SmartLuy agent across Cambodia!

Even more convenient, if your friend or family member needs to send you some funds, they can easily do it at any SmartLuy agent nearby, while the money will conveniently go into your ABA Bank account directly. You can also top-up your own ABA account if SmartLuy agent is closer to your house or place of business than our cash-in kiosk or branch.

Enjoy a quick, easy, and affordable way of sending money between ABA and SmartLuy using your ABA Mobile app!

Transfer Fees

The fees for money transfers between ABA and SmartLuy are affordable and run as follows in USD and KHR:

Transfer amount*Fee
100.49 – 300.490.38
401,900 – 1,201,9001,500

* Transfer limit per transaction to/from SmartLuy wallet: $100 for Classic wallet and $1,000 for Gold wallet.

Easy steps to transfer funds between ABA and SmartLuy

Here are the easy steps that will show you how to make a transfer between ABA and SmartLuy accounts.

1.Launch ABA Mobile app and select “Transfers”
2.Select “Transfer to SmartLuy”
3.Choose “SmartLuy Wallet” or “SmartLuy Agent”
4.Select your ABA account
5.Enter recipient’s wallet number or phone number
6.Choose the currency of the transfer (USD / KHR)
7.Enter the amount you want to send
8.Confirm the transaction with your security PIN.

1.Launch SmartLuy app, select “Transfers”
2.Choose the currency (USD / KHR)
3.Enter the amount you want to send
4.Enter ABA account number
5.Click “Transfer” to confirm

1.Visit your nearest SmartLuy Agent
2.Provide ABA account number to SmartLuy Agent
3.Deposit money that you want to transfer including the fee.
4.You’re done!

Don’t have ABA Mobile app?

Click the icon below to download the application from Apple's App store or Google Play Store. After downloading, simply follow the screen instructions to start mobile banking!

Don’t have ABA account?

Visit our Online Account Opening website to apply for your first ABA account online or drop in your nearest ABA branch and meet our Relationship Manager who will guide you through the application procedure. For further information, give us a call at 023 225 333 or 098 203 203.