PayWay Online Gateway

If​ you​ are​ thinking​ on​ how​ to​ increase​ the​ sales​ of​ your​ business​ or​ dreaming​ of​ setting​ up​ an​ online​ shop,​ PayWay​ is​ here​ to​ help​ you!​ PayWay​ is​ an​ advanced​ payment​ gateway​ from​ ABA​ Bank​ that​ allows​ local​ merchants​ like​ you​ to​ accept​ online​ payments​ in​ various​ ways​ instantly​ and​ hassle-free.

With​ PayWay​ you​ can​ stay​ informed​ on​ all​ transactions​ made​ on​ your​ website,​ app,​ invoices​ or​ payment​ link​ and​ manage​ the​ sales​ through​ the​ dedicated​ merchant​ portal.​ All​ transactions​ made​ through​ PayWay​ are​ 100%​ protected​ by​ two-factor​ authentication​ and​ monitored​ by​ our​ security​ team.

Main benefits

PayWay​ gateway​ solution​ brings​ invaluable​ advantages​ to​ your​ business:

  • Great​ checkout​ experience
  • Easy​ integration​ process
  • No monthly fee1
  • Flexible Plugins2

1 Terms and Conditions apply.
2 Available​ plugins​ i.e:​ Woocommerce,​ Magento (v1.9, v2.0),​ Prestashop (v1.6, v1.7).

Who needs PayWay

PayWay​ is​ the​ ideal​ solution​ for​ merchants​ across​ categories​ such​ as​ airlines,​ online​ travel​ portals,​ educational​ institutions,​ online​ shops,​ cinemas,​ food​ delivery,​ hotels,​ restaurants,​ and​ more!​ We​ developed​ PayWay​ with​ you​ in​ mind​ and​ can​ offer​ the​ best​ conditions​ for​ integrating​ the​ platform​ with​ your​ business.

Visit PayWay website to learn more!