Mobile Riel​ Flexi​ Deposit

Using Khmer​ Riel​ brings​ you​ even​ more​ benefits​ in​ the ABA​ Mobile​ app!​ In​ just​ a​ few​ taps​ on​ your​ smartphone,​ you​ can​ start​ saving​ with​ interest​ and​ still​ have​ your​ money​ instantly​ available​ to​ you.

Mobile​ Flexi​ Deposit​ in​ Khmer​ Riels​ (KHR)​ offers​ you​ unlimited​ deposits/withdrawals, attractive​ rate,​ and​ quarterly​ payment​ of​ interest.


Minimum​ opening​ balance11 million​ KHR
Minimum​ ongoing​ balance​1 million​ KHR
Interest​ rate​ (p.a.)23.00%
Interest​ payment​Quarterly​ (fiscal​ year)​ or​ upon​ account​ closure
PassbookNot​ provided
Number​ of​ available​ accounts3​ active​ accounts​ at​ any​ one​ time,​ exclusive​ of​ KHR​ account​ opened over the counter
Inter-regional​ branch​ cash​ deposit​ /
 withdrawal​ (daily​ limit)3
​20 million KHR
Replenishment​​Unlimited​ transactions​ in​ cash​ or​ non-cash​ forms
Monthly account serviceFree
Internet BankingFree
Mobile BankingFree
Withdrawal​ conditions​​No​ over​ the​ counter​ withdrawal​ and​ transfer​ except​ account​ closure
Account​ closure​​Over​ the​ counter​ (deposit​ certificate​ is​ not​ provided)
Access to deposits
  • ABA​ Bank​ branches
  • Internet Banking4
  • Mobile Banking5

Terms and Conditions are subject to ABA Bank’s sole discretion without prior notice to customers.

1 80,000​ KHR​ fee​ applies​ for​ closing​ the​ account​ within​ three​ months​ from​ the​ opening​ date.
2 Interest​ rate​ is​ accrued​ at​ 365​ (three​ hundred​ sixty-five)​ days​ a​ year,​ considering​ actual​ quantity​ of​ days​ a​ month.
3​ In​ case​ of​ exceeding​ the​ daily​ limit,​ 0.10%​ or​ minimum​ $1​ (whichever​ higher)​ fee​ will​ be​ applied.
4 Starting from 15 September 2020, new request for Internet Banking will no longer available.
5​ System​ will​ automatically​ charge​ KHR​ 40,000​ if​ Mobile​ Riel​ Flexi​ Deposit​ account​ is​ not​ operative​ for​ 12​ months​ and​ more.


To​ open​ a​ Mobile​ Riel​ Flexi​ Account,​ you​ should:

  • ​Be​ an​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ user;
  • ​Have​ at​ least​ one​ savings​ account​ in​ KHR​ opened​ over​ the​ counter.

Don’t​ have​ ABA​ Mobile​ yet?​

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