Receive Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. These terms and conditions are an Agreement between you (the “Receiver”), and Advanced Bank of Asia Limited (the “Bank”) on MoneyGram money transfer service (the “Service”).
The Service allows you to receive a money transfer (the “Transfer”) sent to you by an individual (the “Sender”) from any of the available MoneyGram locations across the World.
The Service is designed for personal remittances only, and not for commercial transactions of any nature.
The Transfer has been sent to you in a currency and amount specifically designated by the Sender.

  1. The Bank is not responsible for any delays, errors and omissions caused by misprinting and/or inaccuracy of the Receiver or the Sender.
  2. The Receiver undertakes that his/her user name, PIN code, passwords and all other credentials necessary for using of ABA Bank mobile application, were not disclosed to third parties.
  3. The Receiver confirms that he/she is using ABA Bank mobile application for his/her own transactions only, and does not conduct any transactions on behalf of third parties.
  4. The Receiver understands that the Bank may postpone, suspend or cancel the Transfer if the Bank found that it may be related to unlawful conduct and/or breach of any national or international laws or regulations.
  5. The Receiver undertakes that the Transfer is not related to any illegal activities and/or money laundering and/or terrorism finance. The Bank has the right to reject or suspend any transactions if required for AML/KYC purposes.
  6. The Receiver undertakes to provide additional information and/or documents related to the Transfer if requested by the Bank.
  7. The Receiver must input the MoneyGram Reference Number (PIN number) and other valid information to receive the funds. The Bank and MoneyGram are not responsible for any losses resulting from improper use or disclosure of the MoneyGram Reference Number (PIN number) or transaction information by the Sender or the Receiver to any third parties.
  8. The Receiver acknowledges that the Sender or MoneyGram, in certain circumstances, may cancel the Transfer at any time prior to its payout, and that upon such cancellation, the Receiver may not be entitled to receive the Transfer.
  9. The Service may also be delayed, restricted or unavailable depending upon the sending agent hours of operation, amount of the Transfer, currency, and legal and regulatory compliance. MoneyGram or the Bank will not execute the Transfer if MoneyGram or the Bank believe the Transfer or the Service is being used in any way violating applicable laws, regulations, codes or policies and procedures, including any association with fraud, anti-money laundering laws, or other illegal activity.
  10. The Bank may change these Terms and Conditions from time to time with or without prior notice.
  11. The Bank may disclose the Transfer information to third parties in accordance with the legislation of the Kingdom of Cambodia including, but not limited by, court decisions, investigations and regulations.
  12. The Bank is not responsible for any taxes, duties and other expenses, which might occur in relation to the Transfer.
  13. Neither MoneyGram nor the Bank shall have any liability for any late or non-delivery of funds due to errors or delays occurring in the wire electronic transmission, equipment or system failure, strikes that are beyond the control of MoneyGram or the Bank or any incorrect or unclear information given by the Sender or the Receiver.
  14. The Bank and MoneyGram may apply certain limits, such as per transaction, per month, per customer, etc. Such limits could change from time to time with or without prior notice.