iBanking for Business

Smart​ and​ simple​ way​ to​ manage​ your​ business​ finances​ 24/7

We​ know​ that​ you​ want​ to​ spend​ more​ time​ focusing​ on​ the​ growth​ of​ your​ business​ rather​ than​ visiting​ bank​ branch​ to​ perform​ daily​ transactions.​ And​ this​ is​ where​ ABA’s​ Internet​ Banking​ (iBanking)​ for​ Business​ can​ help​ you!​

ABA​ iBanking​ for​ Business​ offers​ a​ smart​ and​ simple​ way​ of​ handling​ your​ company’s​ finance​ by​ making​ cash​ flow​ management​ efficient​ and​ secure.​ With​ this​ multifunctional​ tool,​ you​ get​ all​ online​ banking​ needs​ to​ improve​ multiple​ accounts​ management,​ and​ control​ of​ your​ business’s​ bank​ transaction​ in​ real​ time,​ 24/7,​ and​ from​ anywhere​ with​ ease!

You​ can​ apply​ for​ free​ iBanking​ for​ Business​ at​ the​ nearest​ ABA​ branch​ or​ by​ contacting​ us​ at​ 023​ 225​ 333​ today!

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How​ it​ helps​ you​ (and​ your​ business)

With​ ABA​ iBanking​ for​ Business,​ you​ can:

  • Check​ your​ company’s​ accounts/cards​ balances​ and​ view​ transactions​ history.
  • Transfer​ money​ between​ own​ accounts,​ to​ other​ local​ banks​ and​ abroad.
  • Make​ a​ repayment​ for​ your​ business’​ loan​ with​ ABA​ Bank​ and​ get​ reminded​ on​ your​ next​ transaction.
  • Pay​ company’s​ bills​ /​ vendors​ easily​ and​ set-up​ recurrent​ payments.
  • Manage​ Banker’s​ Cheque​ issued​ by​ your​ company​ or​ even​ block​ it​ if​ needed.
  • Have​ all​ your​ subsidiaries’​ business​ accounts​ under​ one​ parent​ account,​ for​ easy​ monitoring.​ 
  • With​ multiple​ user​ roles,​ give​ just​ the​ right​ amount​ of​ access​ to​ the​ right​ employees.
  • Pay​ employees​ with​ a​ few​ clicks​ with​ handy​ payroll​ function.
  • Open​ a​ new​ deposit​ or​ current​ account​ for​ your​ business​ instantly.
  • Check​ the​ latest​ currency​ exchange​ rates​ for​ convenient​ cross-currency​ transactions.

Key​ benefits

  • Free:​ we​ offer​ our​ iBanking​ for​ Business​ at​ no​ charge,​ so​ you​ could​ do​ more​ for​ your​ business​ without​ worrying​ about​ additional​ expenses.
  • Available​ 24/7​ and​ 365​ days​ a​ year:​ you​ can​ perform​ your​ tasks​ at​ any​ time​ and​ from​ anywhere,​ even​ if​ the​ bank​ is​ closed​ or​ on​ public​ holidays.
  • Safe​ and​ secure:​ every​ transaction​ requires​ users​ to​ prove​ their​ identity​ using​ Security​ Token,​ the​ highest​ standard​ of​ online​ security.
  • Customizable:​ we​ are​ flexible​ to​ support​ your​ company’s​ account​ in​ iBanking​ for​ Business​ service​ based​ on​ your​ changing​ business​ needs.​

It​ is​ all​ about​ security

ABA’s​ iBanking​ for​ Business​ is​ securely​ protected​ by​ the​ two-factor​ authentication.​ In​ addition​ to​ the​ secure​ login​ /​ password​ combination,​ we​ provide​ you​ with​ the​ Security​ Token,​ a​ small​ device​ that​ gives​ you​ a​ one-time​ PIN​ code​ to​ key​ in​ every​ time​ you​ sign​ in​ to​ the​ service​ or​ authorize​ your​ transactions.​ The​ Security​ Token​ acts​ as​ an​ additional​ security​ layer​ for​ your​ business​ –​ helping​ to​ address​ the​ imperfection​ of​ a​ standard​ “password-only”​ sign​ in​ process.​

Please​ meet​ our​ Relationship​ Manager​ in​ your​ nearest​ ABA​ Bank​ branch.​ Alternatively,​ you​ can​ call​ our​ contact​ center​ at​ +855​ 23​ 225​ 333​ or​ email​ info(at)ababank.com with​ your​ query​ and​ we​ will​ call​ you​ back.

If you are new to ABA, you will first need to open an account with us. Follow this link to know more on our range of accounts.

ABA​ Internet​ Banking​ for​ Business​ or​ “iBanking​ for​ Business”​ is​ a​ one​ stop​ shop​ service​ for​ all​ online​ banking​ needs.​ It​ gives​ customers​ the​ power​ to​ execute​ bank​ transactions​ instantly​ from​ the​ office​ and​ offside​ locations​ with​ no​ time-lag.​ Hence​ it​ is​ an​ indispensable​ tool​ in​ today's​ 24​ x​ 7​ high-speed​ business​ world.​ With​ ABA​ Internet​ Banking,​ customers​ can​ dramatically​ cut​ their​ paperwork​ and​ enjoy​ the​ triple​ benefits​ of​ 'efficiency,​ ease​ of​ use​ and​ economy'.​
You​ can​ contact​ our​ ABA​ relationship​ manager,​ or​ you​ visit​ one​ of​ our​ branches​ for​ registration.​ Our​ relationship​ manager​ will​ provide you more information about it.
You​ can​ go​ to​ the​ link:​ https://business.ababank.com
  • It​ is​ convenient:​ you​ can​ easily​ pay​ bills,​ pay​ staff​ salary,​ and​ transfer​ funds​ between​ accounts​ both​ locally​ and​ internationally.​ You​ can​ also​ request,​ amend​ and​ close​ bank​ guarantee​ and​ letter​ of​ credit​ without​ having​ to​ queue​ at​ the​ branches.​
  • It​ is​ available​ 24/7​ and​ 364​ days​ a​ year:​ you​ can​ perform​ your​ tasks​ at​ any​ time​ and​ from​ anywhere,​ even​ the​ bank​ is​ closed​ or​ on​ public​ holidays,​ as​ long​ as​ you​ have​ an​ active​ internet​ connection.
  • It​ is​ fast​ and​ efficient:​ you​ can​ manage​ multiple​ accounts​ and​ transfer​ funds​ from​ one​ account​ to​ another​ very​ fast.
  • It​ is​ safe​ and​ secure:​ every​ financial​ transaction​ request​ requires​ users​ to​ prove​ their​ identities​ using​ security​ token,​ the​ highest​ level​ of​ online​ security​ method​ in​ the​ internet​ banking​ cutting-edge.
With​ ABA​ iBanking​ for​ Business,​ customers​ can​ perform​ local​ fund​ transfer,​ international​ fund​ transfer,​ pay​ payroll,​ pay​ bills,​ stop​ cheque,​ check​ balance​ and​ bank​ statement,​ open​ new​ account,​ access​ to​ Trade​ Finance​ and​ others​ in​ the​ next​ phase​ of​ development.​
Stopping​ cheque,​ paying​ payroll,​ and​ assigning​ multiple​ and​ complicated​ authorization​ are​ the​ key​ functions​ of​ the​ current​ deployment​ of​ iBanking​ for​ Business.
Yes.​ You​ can​ do​ it​ with​ either​ single​ or​ multiple​ transfer.
Yes.​ You​ can​ pay​ your​ employees​ with​ only​ few​ simple​ steps.​
Yes,​ it​ is.​ Simply,​ you​ just​ download​ transaction​ template​ and​ fill​ in​ required​ information​ of​ beneficiary​ and​ upload​ file​ into​ our​ platform.​ Payment​ will​ be​ disbursed​ instantly​ after​ authorization.​
$1M​ per​ day​ or​ per​ transaction.
Yes.​ You​ can​ download​ transaction​ history​ with​ given​ or​ customized​ date.
It​ is​ important​ to​ ABA​ Bank​ that​ your​ account​ information​ is​ protected,​ and​ as​ a​ result,​ a​ range​ of​ security​ measures​ are​ employed.​ These​ protection​ measures​ are​ to​ ensure​ that​ your​ password,​ account​ details​ and​ other​ sensitive​ information​ are​ not​ accessed​ by​ an​ unauthorized​ person.​ However,​ never​ share​ your​ password​ to​ someone​ else,​ always​ change​ password​ and​ report​ to​ ABA​ Bank​ if​ you​ suspect​ that​ someone​ knows​ your​ password.​
To​ protect​ your​ business​ information​ and​ money,​ you​ must​ not​ allow​ other​ people​ to​ access​ your​ accounts​ through​ ABA​ Internet​ Banking​ using​ your​ User​ ID.
Never​ share​ your​ password​ to​ someone​ else​ and​ frequently​ change​ your​ password.​
For​ assistance,​ call​ our​ ABA​ contact​ center,​ (+855) 23​ 225​ 333.​ For,​ international​ callers,​ international​ call​ rates​ may​ apply.
You​ have​ three attempts​ to​ enter​ your​ iBanking​ password.​ If​ you​ forget​ your​ password,​ or​ enter​ the​ wrong​ one​ too​ many​ times,​ your​ access​ will​ be​ disabled​ and​ you​ will​ need​ to​ call​ the​ ABA​ Contact​ Centre​ on​ (+855​) 23​ 225​ 333​ to​ restore​ your​ access.
You​ have​ 5 times attempts​ to​ enter​ your​ password​ of​ your​ token.
Change​ your​ password.​ This​ is​ easily​ done​ by​ accessing​ the​ Profile​ Setting​ tab​ in​ ABA​ Internet​ Banking​ and​ then​ selecting​ Change​ Password.​ Also,​ please​ notify​ ABA​ Bank​ Contact​ Centre​ and​ check​ the​ transactions​ on​ your​ accounts.
Never​ access​ or​ click​ the​ given​ link​ and​ report​ to​ ABA​ for​ further​ advice​ and​ action.​

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