ABA Exchange Rates

Our​ foreign​ currency​ exchange​ rates​ allow​ you​ to​ get​ up-to-date​ buy/sell​ rates​ for​ selected​ major​ currencies.​ Please​ note​ that​ the​ rates​ are​ indicative​ and​ should​ be​ used​ for​ information​ purpose​ only.​ Please​ call​ +855​ 23​ 225​ 333​ for​ further​ details.

CurrencyABA BuysABA Sells
USD / KHR4,118.004,130.00
AUD / KHR2,637.602,906.25
CAD / KHR2,812.003,225.33
CNY / KHR540.24619.65
EUR / KHR4,369.004,813.99
GBP / KHR4,859.485,354.43
JPY / KHR36.539940.2616
THB / KHR123.86136.47
AUD / USD0.6386440.705743
EUR / USD1.0578691.169012
GBP / USD1.1766301.300250
USD / CAD1.2767691.468706
USD / CNY6.6456877.644750
USD / JPY102.281082113.027129
USD / THB30.17513033.344098
  • The Notes Rate is determined for currency dealing; buying and selling physical cash and many local transactions between different currencies. You are encouraged to visit any nearby branch for details

CurrencyABA BuysABA Sells
USD / KHR4,118.004,130.00
AUD / KHR2,748.662,795.54
CAD / KHR2,984.963,023.75
CNY / KHR569.51585.05
EUR / KHR4,575.954,607.68
GBP / KHR5,089.665,124.95
KRW / KHR3.29693.4243
SGD / KHR2,904.372,953.90
THB / KHR128.76130.96
AUD / USD0.6655350.678859
EUR / USD1.1079781.118912
GBP / USD1.2323631.244524
USD / CAD1.3618851.383603
USD / CNY7.0387157.251848
USD / KRW1,202.5815001,252.691900
USD / SGD1.3940891.421995
USD / THB31.44471632.075179
  • The Telegraphic Transfer Rate is for international telegraphic transfer, i.e. inward and outward remittance transactions.
Buy Rate : =
Sell Rate : =
  • The Calculation of Currency Conversion here is based on the Notes Rate
  • The above rates are for the indicative purpose only and subject to change without prior notice.
  • For remittance transactions in any currency which is not listed above, you are encouraged to visit any nearby branch for details.