Fixed Deposit with Life and Accident Insurance

Fixed​ deposit​ placement​ or​ insurance​ premium​ payments?​ Now,​ you​ no​ longer​ need​ to​ choose.​ We​ provide​ you​ with​ both​ investment​ growth​ and​ risk​ coverage.

​For​ a​ limited​ period,​ ABA​ Bank​ and​ Manulife​ Cambodia​ offer​ individuals​ of​ 18-55​ years​ of​ age​ the​ dual​ benefits​ of​ saving​ with​ competitive​ interest​ rates​ along​ with​ a​ free​ Life​ and​ Accident​ Insurance​ coverage.​ Upon​ the​ issuance​ of​ the​ policy​ by​ Manulife,​ ABA​ Fixed​ Deposit​ holders​ will​ get​ insurance​ protection​ equal​ to​ the​ amount​ of​ their​ Fixed​ Deposit​ in​ case​ of​ death​ and​ total​ disability. ​

Open ABA Fixed Deposit in USD or KHR today and get a free protection from Manulife!

Promotion​ Period:​ 12​ October-31​ December​ 2022


  • Individual single accounts only1;
  • Deposits opened during the promotion period;
  • Customers must give consent to ABA to disclose his/her personal information to Manulife;
  • Customers of 18 and 55 years of age only;
  • Deposit tenor: 12 months (interest payable at maturity only);
  • Deposit’s rate is the Bank’s standard rate;
  • First selected deposit account only2.
Account opening channel
  • Over the Counter (OTC)
  • ABA Mobile
Minimum opening balanceUSD 1,000 or KHR 4,000,000
Interest rateOpening ChannelOver the CounterABA Mobile
Interest Rate 5.50% p.a 7.50% p.a5.50% p.a7.50% p.a
Interest payment3At maturity
Withdrawal conditions
  • Partial withdrawal is not allowed;
  • Saving interest rate will be applied if the account is closed before maturity;
  • Insurance policy will be cancelled if the account is closed before maturity.
Minimum fixed deposit opening balanceUSD 1,000 or KHR 4,000,000
Entitled insurance amountThe same as the deposit’s amount (Minimum: USD 1,000 or KHR 4,000,000 and Maximum: USD 50,000 or KHR 200,000,000). Insurance amount will be rounded, no decimals allowed.
Issuance of insurance policy
  • Insurance is valid from the date of Fixed Deposit opening until the first maturity.
  • Manulife will communicate directly with customer to deliver insurance policy.
Insurance claim process
Service feesMonthly Account serviceFree of Charge
Mobile Banking Free of Charge
Fixed Deposit Certificate4Free of Charge
Account StatementUSD 2 or KHR 8,000 per request per account
Certify account balanceUSD 10 or KHR 40,000 per piece
Audit ConfirmationUSD 10 or KHR 40,000 per time
  • 6% resident
  • 14% non-resident
Access to deposits
  • ABA Bank branches
  • ABA Mobile app

*All Terms and Conditions are subject to ABA Bank’s sole discretion and can be changed without prior notice to clients.

1 Corporate account and Joint account are not eligible
2 The 2nd selected deposit account onward is not eligible for the insurance’s benefit.
3 Interest rate is accrued at 365 (three hundred sixty-five) days a year, considering actual quantity of days a month.
4 USD 5 or KHR 20,000 fee is applied for reissuance of a Fixed Deposit Certificate.