Accept cashless payments with PayWay Mobile and win $50!


PayWay​ Mobile​ app​ from​ ABA​ Bank​ is​ a​ mobile​ payment​ acceptance​ solution​ for​ smart​ business​ owners​ like​ you!

From​ 1​ to​ 30​ March​ 2021,​ use​ PayWay​ Mobile​ to​ accept​ cashless​ payments​ from​ your​ customers​ by​ generating​ QR​ codes​ on​ your​ smartphone​ and​ stand​ a​ chance​ to​ win​ $50.​ At​ the​ end​ of​ the​ promotion​ period,​ the​ top​ 100​ merchants​ who​ successfully​ processed​ at​ least​ five​ transactions​ daily​ via​ the​ app​ will​ be​ awarded​ with​ the​ cash​ prize​ each.

For​ more​ information​ on​ PayWay​ Mobile​ and​ its​ features,​ visit​ PayWay​ Mobile​ webpage.​ If​ you​ don’t​ have​ PayWay​ Mobile​ for​ your​ business​ yet,​ simply​ click​ the​ icon​ below​ to​ download​ it​ from​ Google​ Play​ Store.​ It​ is​ free!

Promotion​ period

From​ 1​ to​ 30​ March​ 2021​.

Terms​ and​ Conditions​

  • This​ promotion​ is​ open​ for​ all​ PayWay​ Mobile​ merchants​ who​ process​ at​ least​ five​ (5)​ valid​ transactions​ per​ day​ during​ the​ promo​ period.​
  • Only​ payments​ from​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ received​ via​ scanning​ the​ QR​ code​ generated​ in​ the​ PayWay​ Mobile​ app​ during​ the​ promo​ period​ are​ valid.
  • The​ first​ 100​ merchants​ who​ record​ the​ highest​ number​ of​ valid​ transactions​ at​ the​ end​ of​ the​ promo​ period​ will​ receive​ $50​ each.​
  • ABA​ Bank​ will​ announce​ the​ winners​ within​ three​ (3)​ working​ days​ after​ the​ promotion​ ends​ and​ the​ cash​ prize​ will​ be​ credited​ into​ the​ winners’​ ABA​ accounts​ within​ seven​ (7)​ working​ days​ from​ the​ announcement​ date.
  • PayWay​ Mobile​ users​ who​ are​ found​ with​ attempts​ to​ create​ inadequate​ multiple​ transactions​ and​ do​ refunds​ will​ be​ excluded​ from​ the​ promotion.​
  • By​ participating​ in​ this​ campaign,​ winners​ will​ be​ automatically​ required​ to​ take​ part​ in​ publicity​ activities​ related​ to​ having​ his/her​ name,​ nationality​ and​ country​ of​ residence​ being​ disclosed​ to​ the​ public.​
  • ABA​ Bank​ reserves​ the​ right​ at​ their​ discretion​ to​ terminate​ this​ promotion​ or​ vary,​ delete​ or​ add​ to​ any​ of​ these​ terms​ and​ conditions​ without​ prior​ notice.​
  • ABA​ Bank’s​ decision​ on​ any​ matter​ will​ be​ final​ and​ no​ correspondence​ will​ be​ entertained.​