Credit Cards

ABA Bank issues international VISA and Mastercard credit cards that are accepted all over the world. A credit card gives you important possibility to use credited amount from the Bank’s funds when you urgently need it.

Type of cardMastercard
Visa Classic
New/expired primary cardFree
Annual fee for primary card$15$30$300
New/expired supplementary card$10$20/$30Free
Annual fee for supplementary cardFreeFree$200
Duration of expiry4 years5 years
Annual maintenance primary/
supplementary card
Cash withdrawal at ABA
No operational charge*
Cash withdrawal at other
Cambodian banks' ATM/POS
2% of amount withdrawn, min $5
Purchase inside/outside CambodiaFree
Transaction decline at
Balance inquiry transaction at
Transaction decline at
other banks' ATM/POS
Balance inquiry transaction at
other banks's ATM/POS
Re-issue PIN$2/PIN Free
Currency exchange markup fee when
purchase/cash withdrawal in non-USD
Cash withdrawal limit (per day)$1,000$5,000$5,000
Purchase limit (per day)$1,000$5,000$13,000
Maximum cash withdrawal
Maximum purchase transactions102020
Free access to PP and SR airport
lounge service
0010 times/year

* For cash withdrawal at ABA POS and ATM, interest for cash advance fee is applied.

Full information on debit cards terms and conditions, fees and charges you can get from our Relationship Managers.

Fee typeMastercard Standard/
Visa Classic
Mastercard Gold/
Visa Gold/
Visa Business
Visa Platinum
Interest for cash advance2%/month
Interest for purchase1.5%/month1.5%/month1.2%/month
Interest free periodup to 45 days
Late payment fee5% of minimum monthly repayment (minimum $10)
Minimum monthly repayment (MMR)20% of minimum monthly repayment (minimum $50)

Full information on credit cards terms and conditions, fees and charges you can get from our Relationship specialists.

You can

With ABA Visa/Mastercard you easily can:

  • Get worldwide acceptance at millions of Mastercard ATM and Merchant locations;
  • Top­-up your mobile phone credit in any ABA ATM and ABA iBanking;
  • Use ABA Visa/Mastercard in more than 200 countries worldwide;
  • Get the highest level of security. You can use your card to authenticate in ABA iBanking;
  • Pay only for purchases which you have authorized. Unauthorized purchases or payment are not your responsibility (Terms and Conditions apply);
  • Receive financial record and keep track on card transaction;
  • Use 24/7 Customer support hot-­line (855) 98 203 333 / 23 222 995.

All​ ABA​ cards​ come​ with​ these​ great​ benefits

Free​ issuance

Our​ cards​ are​ issued​ for​ free ​
so​ you​ can​ get​ an​ easier​ and​
better​ access​ to​ your​ funds

Fraud​ Protection

You​ are​ entitled​ for​ refund​ of​
a​ fraudulent​ transaction​ provided
​ you​ operate​ your​ account​ responsibly

Online​ Security​

Our​ cards​ are​ protected​ with
additional​ layer​ of​ security​ with
a​ One-Time​ Password​ to​ confirm​
your​ identity

24/7​ Customer​ Support

If​ your​ card​ is​ lost​ /​ stolen,​ ​
you​ can​ block​ it​ immediately​ via​ the
ABA​ Mobile​ app​ or​ call​ us​ anytime

Visit nearest branch and meet our Relationship Managers who will guide you through the application procedure, or give us a call at +855 23 225 333 for further information.

In order to claim the lost amount, you are required to contact our bank as soon as possible to report the loss at least no longer than 15 days from the original transaction date.
  • If the expected delivery date is not yet due, we will suggest you wait until the expected delivery date has passed. 
  • If the expected delivery date has passed and you still have not received the purchased goods/services, you may contact the company directly and seek the proper solution from them.
  • In case the expected delivery date has passed and you still have not retrieved any goods/services after you contacted them, you need to visit our nearest branch to fill out the application for transaction dispute.
  • We will process your dispute afterwards; however, other information and documentation we need are:
    i. Expected delivery date
    ii. Description of the goods/services
    iii. The date you contacted the company as well as their feedback
    iv. Any documentation relative to the correspondence between you and the sale representative of the company as well as the good description.
When you do not recognize a transaction, you may want to know its details which could be the item you purchased, the original amount, the date the transaction took place and so on. Please kindly get to us and we will help you accordingly.

Also, you should initially figure out on your own about that transaction details such as to verify it with other account holders (joint account), to seek the company name on website, etc.
There must be something behind the fact that the company charged your account for a different amount. Should you encounter this matter, please, at first, contact the company and ask for the specific or the reason they over charge that transaction.

In case the problem remains the same or you do not satisfy with the result, what you all need to do next is to contact our concerned staff to report the problem and please bring along with you the invoice or transaction receipt of that transaction.
The company is not allowed to be enriched by other transaction amount. Generally, when the cardholder has paid for the transaction by other means (cash, check, or other electronic card), the company will need to reverse one amount back. Please feel free to contact the company to notify the problem and ask for solution from them. If you still do not receive the reversal, please feel free to contact us eventually. In terms of this matter, you are also required to provide our concerned staff the proof of paying for the transactions by other means.
We will start to investigate and process your dispute from our end after you have visited our branch and fill in the application for transaction dispute. Also, we will also need some other information to prove that you were charged twice. This information can be the transaction date, the company name, the purchased products/services, and the transaction amount.
If this happens to you, we recommend that you contact the company directly so as to inquire the status of the refund first.

In the event that the company is not cooperative or they take back their words, please kindly contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.

a. Also, if applicable, we are to wait for 15 days from one of the following date:
i. The date the credit ought to be processed
ii. The date the goods/services were returned/cancelled
b. The documentation we will need can be as follow:
i. Credit vouchers
ii. Company email or agreement regarding the refund
iii. If any, the proof the goods were returned or the services were cancelled.
Please rest assured that you will never lose the transaction amount which you did receive. That is, you will be required to visit our nearest branch and report this matter. Subsequently, we will check and launch our investigation on your case and if we figure out that the cash truly did not dispense, we will process the reversal to your account back.
Similarly, if cash did not dispense when you processed the withdrawal, under no circumstance would you be charged by that. We would like to request to visit our bank and fill out the application for dispute transaction accordingly.
Providing that you are aware of this problem, you shall instantly adopt one among the two options as follow.
  • The first option is you can close your card temporarily by logging into your iBanking user and visit our branch to deactivate it permanently afterwards. The function in our iBanking will enable you to do so. If you have any concern over the instruction on how to this, please do contact our concerned staff right away.
  • The second option is you can contact our staff by phone to close your card temporarilyat (855)98 203 333/ (855)98 203 555/ (855)98 203 111 or via our email at, you can visit any nearest ABA branch to fill out the form to close your card permanently and you are stilleligible to apply for a new card. 
In this situation, in order to unblock this amount, there are two main options you can adopt:
  • First, you need to ask the company or the seller to notify ABA that the transaction processed earlier was unsuccessful or you can ask the company or the store to process a transaction reversal on the spot.
  • Another way is you have to wait for 32 days, allowing the amount to be automatically unblocked if there is no billing.
Some transactions are a type of recurring transaction. It means that when you make a first transaction, you may either consciously or unconsciously select the recurring condition. So, the next transaction will take place automatically on a monthly or weekly basis as you have authorized in the first transaction. Moreover, when you make the first transaction, you may forget to log out your user from the website. Later, you may just click the purchase with this website, and it will automatically charge your card without asking for your user or password again. Hence, we would like suggest that you first verify if the transaction you are making is a recurring transaction or not. In case you would like the transaction to be recurring, you can do so.
  • You should either report to the bank to close your card promptly or deactivate it by yourself by using our iBanking for the purpose of preventing any further transactions not to happen anymore. Afterwards, we would like suggest you check with the person(s) who is allowed to know your card data such as your family, relatives, friends, and colleagues whether they know those transactions or not.
  • Besides this, you will also need to:

    i. Check with another account holders
    ii. Figure out if these transactions are pertinent to the previous transaction that you conducted with the company
    iii. Check if the transactions are in fact with the company you know but its name appears differently on the statement
    iv. Find out whether your transactions are conducted by using other company. Those companies may include Paypal, Amazon, eBay, and so on.

  • If everything cannot be solved at last, we would like to invite you to visit our nearest ABA branch to fill out the dispute form regarding all the transactions that you do not authorize and we will help process this dispute later.
  • If you find out that merchandise you have received is not as described or defective, first, you are suggested to contact the company directly in order to try to deal with this arisen problem. Actually, by so doing, you can get to know the result in a quick manner.
  • Then, if there is still no solution for you, you can ask for assistance from ABA Bank by visiting to our nearest branch to fill out the application for transaction dispute and by bringing any supporting documentation along with you so that the dispute will be reviewed and processed.
In order to deal with each dispute, we as the bank of the cardholder, must strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of international payment system (Mastercard, VISA, and UPI). That is, it involves other bank and needs to be processed step by step and from time to time as well. Once we receive you dispute, we will take action on it without any further delay. Also, please rest assured that we will update you any time we receive responses from the other party.

General Terms and Conditions apply. You need Adobe Reader to view this PDF files.