Mobile Fixed Deposit

Open your Fixed Deposit account in a few taps straight from ABA Mobile app! With a competitive interest rate for a term that suits you, our mobile Fixed Deposit can help you reach your savings goals.


Currency USDKHR
Minimum initial deposit100.00 400,000
Interest rate (p.a.)*
1 Month1.25%2.25%
2 Months1.87%3.00%
3 Months2.50%3.75%
4 Months2.83%4.08%
5 Months3.16%4.41%
6 Months3.50%4.75%
7 Months3.75%5.00%
8 Months4.00%5.25%
9 Months4.25%5.50%
10 Months4.50%5.75%
11 Months4.75%6.00%
12 Months5.00%6.25%
18 Months5.13%N/A
24 Months5.25%N/A
30 Months5.38%N/A
36 Months5.50%N/A
Flexible interest payment
  • On the maturity date of Fixed deposit; or
  • Upon account closure
Rollover condition at maturity
  • Principle only
  • Principle and interest
  • Close on maturity
Service fees
Monthly account serviceFree
Certify account balanceUSD10/KHR40,000 per piece
Audit confirmationUSD10/KHR40,000 per piece
Withdrawals***Not allowed for partial withdrawal
View of E-FD accountABA Mobile App only
Account closureOver the counter (no certificate provide)

* Interest rates and all terms and conditions are subject to change at the Bank's sole discretion without prior notice to clients.
** Savings interest rate will be applied for prematurity withdrawal.
*** Interest rate is accrued at 365 (three hundred sixty five) days a year, considering the actual quantity if days a month.


  • Earn high return on your money for a fixed term without impact of movement of interest rates in the market.
  • Have high flexibility to manage both principal and interest received by setting standing order instruction to (i) close on maturity, (ii) renew only principal or (iii) renew both principal and interest.
  • Customer can open at anytime and anywhere they want (24h/7d).


  • Customer must be a Mobile App user.
  • Customer needs to have at least one Savings, Current, or Current Plus account before open Mobile Fixed Deposit Account.
  • Mobile Fixed Deposit account is legible for both individual resident and individual non-resident customer.
  • Funding account for opening Mobile Fixed Deposit cannot be a Mobile Savings account.
  • Follow our user Guide for Mobile Account opening.

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