PayWay Plugins

ABA's award-winning online payment platform, PayWay, was designed for online businesses of all sizes who need reliable and easy-to-use online payment solution on their website.

With PayWay plugins designed for the most popular e-commerce platforms, you can quickly and easily convert your website into a fully functional online store without complicated coding or setup and start accepting payments from your customers' Visa, Mastercard or UnionPay cards, as well as through ABA PAY. Our PayWay online payment platform supports both USD and KHR currencies, enabling your customers to pay in a flexible manner.​

Boost​ your​ online​ sales​ with​ PayWay!​

Why​ use​ PayWay​ plugins?

Our ready-to-install plugins enable simple and easy integration of PayWay online payment platform with your website powered by Magento, WooCommerce or Prestashop. Simply download and install the required PayWay plugin and start accepting online payments!

With​ PayWay​ plugin,​ you​ don’t​ have​ to​ hire​ special​ technical​ or​ IT​ team​ for​ integration​ of​ PayWay​ to​ your​ website.​ The​ whole​ integration​ process​ is​ simple​ and​ takes​ little​ time,​ so​ you​ can​ rapidly​ put​ your​ product​ or​ service​ on​ sales​ within​ few​ clicks!

Having​ deployed​ PayWay​ plugin​ on​ your​ platform,​ you​ will​ immediately​ be​ able​ to​ accept​ payments​ from​ VISA,​ Mastercard,​ UPI​ debit/credit​ cards,​ as​ well​ as​ via​ ABA​ PAY​ (ABA​ account-to-account​ payments).​ Additional​ payment​ options​ will​ be​ available​ soon.

All​ transactional​ data​ is​ safely​ stored,​ while​ transactions​ are​ monitored​ by​ our​ security​ team.​ Payments​ made​ using​ VISA​ and​ Mastercard​ are​ additionally​ protected​ with​ 3D-Secure1.
1 Terms​ and​ Conditions​ apply.

Available​ plugins

ABA​ PayWay​ plugin​ for​ WooCommerce​ (WordPress)


ABA​ PayWay​ plugin​ for​ Magento e-commerce​ platform

ABA​ PayWay​ plugin​ for​ Prestashop e-commerce​ solution

Is​ your​ platform​ not​ in​ the​ list?

If​ you​ want​ to​ use​ PayWay​ to​ boost​ your​ online​ sales​ and​ your​ current​ e-commerce​ solution​ is​ not​ listed​ above,​ please​ let​ us​ know​ by​ calling​ at​ 023​ 225​ 333​ or​ sending​ an​ email​ to​ [email protected]