ABA Merchant​ Invoicing​ Tool

ABA Merchant Invoicing​ Tool​ helps​ business​ owners​ run​ their​ operations​ more​ efficiently​ through​ different​ innovative​ invoice​ management​ features.​  Apart​ from​ enabling​ you​ to​ create​ professional-looking​ invoices1,​ it​ allows​ you​ to​ automate​ the​ creation​ of​ individual​ or​ bulk​ invoices​ to​ save​ time​ and​ minimize​ errors​ from​ manual​ entries.​ Moreover,​ our​ Invoicing​ Tool​ lets​ you​ send​ invoices​ to​ customers​ easily​ via​ online​ mediums​ such​ as​ e-mail​ and​ messenger​ apps​ like​ Telegram​ and​ WhatsApp.​​

1 Invoices​ can​ be​ customized​ easily​ via​ ABA Merchant​ Management​ Tool.

Key benefits

  • Create single and/or bulk invoices, and send to multiple recipients
  • Share web-link to your customer to receive payment
  • Create custom invoices with your company logo and design style
  • Track the status of invoices in real time and receive alerts when paid
  • Send automatic reminders to customers and get paid on time
  • Create invoice of your customer’s booking and have it processed at the checkout page
  • Settle payments to your business account.

How​ it​ works

You​ can​ generate​ customized​ invoices​ with​ great​ ease​ and​ share​ it​ as​ a​ link​ to​ your​ customer​ via​ online​ platforms​ to​ collect​ payments.​ All​ your​ customers​ need​ to​ do​ is​ to​ click​ or​ tap​ on​ the​ link​ and​ it​ will​ bring​ them​ to​ a​ secured​ ABA Merchant​ hosted​ payment​ page.​ Here,​ customers​ can​ check​ the​ invoice​ details​ and​ agree​ to​ your​ terms​ and​ conditions​ (if​ any)​ before​ confirming​ the​ payments.​ This​ feature​ also​ allows​ printed​ invoices​ with​ embedded​ QR​ codes​ which​ your​ customer​ can​ scan​ to​ pay​ with​ ABA​ Mobile​ or​ with​ any​ other​ financial​ applications2.​ You​ will​ be​ notified​ immediately​ after​ your​ customers​ have​ made​ their​ payments.

2 Bank​ apps​ that​ support​ Visa​ QR​ and​ Mastercard​ QR,​ and​ coming​ soon,​ Bakong​ wallet​ and​ KHQR​ member​ banks

Who​ needs​ this?

The​ ABA Merchant​ Invoicing​ Tool​ was​ designed​ for​ businesses​ who​ issue​ invoices​ frequently​ and​ often​ in​ large​ quantities.​ It​ perfectly​ suits​ diverse​ business​ types​ including​ but​ not​ limited​ to​ professional​ service​ providers,​ wholesalers,​ construction​ firms,​ businesses​ in​ the​ travel​ and​ hospitality​ industry​ and​ many​ more.

To​ get​ started​ on​ how​ ABA Merchant​ Invoicing​ Tool​ can​ be​ catered​ to​ your​ business​ operation​ needs,​ visit​ ABA Merchant​ website,​ call​ 1 800 203 203​ or​ email​ [email protected]remove-this.ababank.com​.