ABA Business​ Tax​ Collection

ABA​ Business​​ platform​ offers​ its​ users​ to​ pay​ their​ monthly​ and​ yearly​ taxes​ securely​ and​ on​ time​ from​ the​ comfort​ of​ their​ office.​ When​ making​ a​ tax​ payment,​ forms​ and​ documents​ such​ as​ E-Filing​ and​ TOI​ can​ be​ scanned​ and​ uploaded​ easily​ onto​ the​ platform.

Why​ pay​ company​ taxes​ through​ ABA Business?

Use​ ABA Business​ for​ free

Pay​ directly​ from​ your​ ABA​ account

Save​ time​ and​ pay​ securely

Upload​ scanned​ documents1​ for​ submission

1​ E‐Filing, Pre‐Filing, P101, and TOI.

Tax​ types2 accepted​ on​ ABA Business

Enterprise Tax3

Tax on Means of Transportation

Property Tax
coming soon

2 Tax​ under​ the​ Zero​ Tax​ Payment​ category​ is​ not​ payable​ via​ ABA Business.
3 Includes​ monthly​ taxes​ (salary​ tax,​ WHT,​ prepayment​ tax,​ VAT,​ etc.)​ and​ annual​ taxes​ (income​ tax,​ patent​ tax,​ etc.)​

Required documents Enterprise Tax:

  • E‐Filing
  • Pre‐Filing
  • P101
  • and TOI.

Important​ Note:

  • Payments​ must​ be​ made​ 3​ (three)​ working​ days​ before​ the​ tax​ due​ date;
  • Payments​ made​ after​ 2​ PM​ will​ be​ processed​ on​ the​ next​ business​ day;
  • The​ payment​ amount​ must​ always​ match​ the​ amount​ in​ the​ invoice;
  • Payments4​ made​ in​ USD​ will​ be​ based​ on​ a​ competitive​ exchange​ rate,​ special​ for​ ABA Business​ users.

4 Click here to learn more about opening a KHR account.

If​ you​ are​ not​ yet​ using​ ABA​ business​ and​ want​ to​ learn​ more​ about​ this​ product,​ contact​ our​ Relationship​ Manager​ at​ your​ nearest​ ABA​ branch​ or​ call​ our​ contact​ center​ at​ 023​ 925​ 333​ or​ get​ in​ touch​ with​ our​ ABA Business​ team​ at​ digitalsupport@remove-this.ababank.com.