Public​ Relations​ Supervisor

Posted:28/11/2019 -Closing Date:25/12/2019

Job​ Description

The​ Public​ Relations​ Supervisor​ is​ responsible​ for​ the​ development​ and​ execution​ of​ the​ Bank’s​ PR​ &​ external​ communication​ strategy.​ That​ should​ be​ done​ through​ the​ development​ and​ implementation​ of​ a​ broad​ range​ of​ communications​ and​ public​ relations​ activities,​ relative​ to​ the​ strategic​ direction​ and​ maintaining​ the​ enviable​ corporate​ image​ of​ the​ Bank​ by​ developing​ and​ executing​ effective​ communication​ and​ media​ relations​ programs.


  • Head​ Office,​ Phnom​ Penh​ (1​ post).

Duties​ and​ Responsibilities

  • Develop​ a​ Public​ Relations​ plan​ including​ strategy,​ goals,​ budget​ and​ tactics.
  • Build,​ develop​ and​ manage​ relations​ with​ different​ media​ agencies​ and​ media​ representatives,​ individuals​ and​ other​ organizations.
  • Coordinate​ all​ public​ relations​ activities.
  • Direct​ social​ media​ team​ to​ engage​ audiences​ across​ traditional​ and​ new​ media.
  • Manage​ media​ inquiries​ and​ interview​ requests.
  • Create​ press​ releases​ and​ advertorial​ articles.
  • Organize​ PR-related​ research,​ media​ coverage​ and​ internal​ channels.
  • Collate​ and​ analyze​ media​ coverage/reports.
  • Build​ relationships​ with​ thought​ leaders​ to​ grow​ industry​ awareness.
  • Assist​ in​ the​ development​ of​ promotional​ materials​ including​ but​ not​ limited​ to​ brochures,​ annual​ reports,​ handouts,​ direct​ mails​ and​ multimedia​ materials.
  • Assist​ in​ developing,​ managing​ and​ defining​ corporate​ social​ responsibility​ policies​ of​ the​ Bank​ and​ reinforce​ activities​ and​ initiatives​ in​ accordance​ with​ the​ policies.

Skills​ and​ Qualification​ Required

  • Degree​ in​ Marketing,​ Journalism​ or​ Finance​ and​ Banking​ (not​ essential,​ but​ an​ advantage).
  • Understanding​ of​ basic​ banking​ products​ and​ services​ (not​ essential,​ but​ an​ advantage).
  • At​ least​ 3​ years’​ experience​ in​ Marketing​ /​ Journalism​ or​ any​ related​ field.
  • Good​ public​ speaking​ and​ presentation​ skills.
  • Effective​ Project​ Management​ skill.
  • Sound​ understanding​ of​ marketing​ principles​ (not​ essential,​ but​ an​ advantage).
  • Exceptional​ writing​ and​ speaking​ in​ English​ and​ Khmer.
  • Computer​ proficient​ with​ Microsoft​ Office​ (knowledge​ of​ Adobe​ InDesign​ and​ Adobe​ Photoshop​ is​ an​ advantage).
  • Event​ planning​ experience.
  • Ability​ to​ work​ in​ a​ multi​ task​ environment​ and​ under​ pressure.
  • Attention​ to​ details​ and​ accuracy.

How to apply

Interested and qualified applicants should submit only your updated covering letter and CV stating the position you apply for with current photo (4x6) via application below.

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