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Growing a business? Looking for finance? ABA Bank's Business Loan is a great source of funding for expanding and developing new business.

Loan amount70,000 - 1 million
280 million - 2 billion
Financing Purpose
  • Operating support for current business
  • Expanding current business
  • Diversifying current business
  • Funded facilities: Term Loan, Overdraft, Revolving Loans, Credit Line
  • Non-funded Facilities: Letter of Credit, Guarantees
Interest RateNegotiable
Loan TermFunded Facilities:
  • For Overdraft, Revolving Loans and Credit Line – Up to 12 months
  • For Term Loans – Subject to approval from CCHO
Non-funded Facilities:
  • Up to 12 months, revolving
  • Personal and Real estate property with strong title
  • Cash deposit
  • Motor vehicle, equipment facilities, and other fixed and current assets
  • Third party, corporate or bank guarantees
  • Another type of collateral, negotiable with the Bank
Loan Repayment

Monthly installment of Principal and Interest – starting one month from the date of the loan disbursement.

Annuity installment of Principal and Interest – starting one month from the date of the loan disbursement. (No grace period shall be allowed for loan with annuity payment)

The term of OD facility/ Credit line / Revolving Loans shall be reviewed annually. Interest shall be paid monthly starting one month from the date of implementation of facility.

For Trade Finance loans, the loan shall be disbursed for 1 month, 3 months or maximum up to 6 months within the approved credit line and shall be repaid fully on maturity date

Early Loan RepaymentPrepayment charge of 3% of the loan outstanding or overdraft limit / Revolving Credit shall be charged if the loan or OD is repaid earlier than the scheduled installment repayment date. The Prepayment charge shall be levied at the time of settlement of loan
Processing fee
  • 1% of the loan amount payable at the time of disbursement
  • 1% of the loan amount for renewal / extension of loan
  • Terms and Conditions may differ from case to case and each customer will be advised individually.
  • Subject to approval from the bank.


  • Convenient enquiry and fast approval
  • Variable interest rate
  • Flexible repayment mode
  • Flexible loan tenor
  • Interchangeable security type
  • Interchangeable approved credit facilities


For applying, your business should meet the following criteria:

  • Prioritized to ABA’s existing account holders
  • Having at least 12 months in current business
  • Having financial stability of the business
  • Net disposable income from the business per period should be at least 120% of the repayment amount of Loan (Principal and Interest)
  • The borrower should have strong title real estate property in their own name or in other person name to pledge as collateral for the loan

Please, be informed that applying for Business Loan needs the following documents:

  • Completed Application form
  • Memorandum of Company (if applicable)
  • Board Resolution (in case of legal entity)
  • Current documents authorizing an individual or enterprise to do business (business license, patent, registration certificate), if applicable
  • Financial statement for the last 12 month (for the last 24 month in the case of new clients-for corporate loans audited financials is required)
  • Agreements / contracts supporting business income (if applicable)
  • Confirmation on any debt from other banks (if applicable)
  • 6 month bank statements (if applicable)
  • National ID or Passport
  • Family Book
  • Collateral Documents (strong title deeds, guarantee, etc.)
  • Collateral evaluation report (if applicable)
  • Utility bills (for last 3 months if applicable)

While rendering banking services to clients in either lending operations and deposits or opening accounts with ABA Bank, its management and staff shall refrain from relationship with the following prohibited businesses and activities:

  1. ​​Transaction​ using​ anonymous​ account​ and​ accounts​ in​ fictitious​ name;
  2. ​Shell​ Company​ (company​ which​ has​ no​ physical​ presence);
  3. Any​ person​ or​ entity​ mentioned​ in​ UN,​ EU​ and​ OFAC​ list​ and​ other​ as​ determines​ by​ senior​ management;
  4. ​Unregulated​ business​ such​ as​ private​ money​ lending,​ unlicensed​ money​ transmitting,​ etc.​ and​ business​ which​ produces​ or​ trades​ illegal​ products;
  5. Production​ or​ trade​ in​ weapons​ and​ munitions​ as​ such​ listed​ in​ appendixes​ of​ law​ on​ anti-terrorism;
  6. Production​ or​ trade​ in​ alcoholic​ beverages1;
  7. Production​ or​ trade​ in​ tobacco2;
  8. ​Gambling,​ casinos​ and​ equivalent​ enterprises;
  9. Trade​ in​ wildlife​ or​ wildlife​ products​ and​ product​ regulated​ under​ the​ Convention​ on​ International​ Trade​ in​ Endangered​ Species​ or​ Wild​ Fauna​ and​ Flora​ (CITES);
  10. ​Production​ or​ trade​ in​ radioactive​ material;
  11. Production​ or​ trade​ in​ or​ use​ of​ unbounded​ asbestos​ fibers;
  12. Trading​ or​ purchase​ of​ logging​ equipment​ and​ commercial​ logging​ operations3;
  13. ​Production​ or​ trade​ in​ pharmaceuticals​ subject​ to​ international​ phase​ outs​ or​ bans​ such​ as​ ozone​ depleting​ substances;
  14. Production​ or​ trade​ in​ pesticides/herbicides​ subject​ to​ international​ phase​ outs​ or​ bans;
  15. ​Production​ or​ trade​ in​ product​ containing​ polychlorinated​ biphenyls​ -​ a​ group​ of​ highly​ toxic​ chemicals​ which​ are​ likely​ to​ be​ found​ in​ oil-filled​ electrical​ transformers,​ capacitors​ and​ switchgear;
  16. ​Unsustainable​ fishing​ method​ -​ such​ as​ drift​ net​ fishing​ in​ the​ marine​ environment​ using​ nets​ in​ excess​ of​ 2.5​ km​ in​ lengt;
  17. ​Production​ or​ activities​ involving​ harmful​ or​ exploitative​ forms​ of​ forced​ labor​ or​ harmful​ child​ labor;
  18. All​ kinds​ of​ Ponzi​ or​ HYIP​ schemes,​ e.g.​ Telex-free​ service;
  19. Cross-border​ trade​ in​ waste​ and​ waste​ products,​ unless​ compliance​ to​ the​ Basel​ Convention​ and​ the​ underlying​ regulations;
  20. Destruction​ of​ High​ Conservation​ Value​ areas​ which​ are​ defined​ as​ natural​ habitat​s​ where​ these​ values​ are​ considered​ to​ be​ of​ outstanding​ significance​ or​ critical​ importance;
  21. ​Pornography​ and/or​ prostitution;
  22. ​Racist​ and/or​ anti-democratic​ media;
  23. Transactions​ for​ or​ to​ facilitate​ the​ circulation,​ purchase,​ sales,​ settlement,​ and​ promote​ Crypto​ currencies,​ and​ any​ similar​ electronic​ commodities​ which​ are​ not​ certified/recognized​ by​ National​ Bank​ of​ Cambodia​ in​ whatever​ context.

1, 2​ This​ does​ not​ apply​ to​ purchases​ for​ ongoing​ or​ one-off​ personal​ consumption,​ retail​ sales​ or​ retail​ distribution​ locally.​ See​ examples​ below:

  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Wholesale​ trade
  • Personal​ consumption​ (for​ example,​ buying​ alcohol​ for​ wedding​ or​ another​ event)
  • Restaurants
  • Shops​ selling​ different​ goods​ (like​ supermarket,​ or​ duty​ free)

3​ Including​ commercial​ logging​ operation​ for​ use​ in​ primary​ tropical​ moist​ forests.

How to apply

Visit your nearest ABA Bank branch and meet our Relationship Managers who will guide you through the application procedure, or call at 1 800 203 203 for further information.

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