SmartLuy Network

ABA​ Bank​ partnered​ with​ Smart​ Axiata​ to​ provide​ convenient​ loan​ repayment​ service​ to​ its​ customers​ through​ the​ network​ of​ over​ 1,500​ SmartLuy​ agents​ nationwide.​ With​ the​ low​ fees​ starting​ from​ just​ 0.25​ USD​ or​ 1,000​ KHR,​ you​ can​ easily​ top-up​ your​ ABA​ account​ at​ any​ SmartLuy​ agent​ that​ is​ closer​ to​ your​ place​ of​ business​ or​ house​ than​ our​ cash-in​ machine or​ branch!

Enjoy​ a​ fast​ and​ inexpensive​ way​ of​ repaying​ your​ loan​ or​ refilling​ your​ ABA​ account​ through​ SmartLuy​ agent!

The​ fees​ for​ fund​ transfers​ from​ SmartLuy​ agent​ to​ ABA​ Bank​ account​ are​ reasonable​ and​ run​ in​ USD​ and​ KHR​ as​ follows:

Transfers in USD

AmountFeeDaily limit
<$100.49$0.25 $5,000
$100.49 – 300.49$0.38

Transfers in KHR

AmountFeeDaily limit
<401,900 riels1,000 riels20 million riels
401,900 – 1,201,900 riels1,500 riels
>1,201,900 riels4,000 riels
It​ is​ the​ service​ integration​ between​ ABA​ Bank​ and​ SmartLuy​ that​ allows​ ABA​ customers​ process​ their​ loan​ repayment​ with​ ABA​ Bank​ via​ any​ SmartLuy​ ’s​ agent​ across​ the​ country.
You​ can​ cash-in​ necessary​ amount​ of​ money​ at​ any​ SmartLuy agent​ which​ is​ close​ to​ you​ or​ your​ place​ of​ business.​ After​ the​ successful​ transaction,​ the​ money​ will​ be​ immediately​ deposited​ to​ your​ loan​ repayment​ account​ in​ ABA.
You​ need​ to​ provide​ 9-digit​ ABA​ account​ number,​ personal​ phone​ number​ and​ amount​ of​ cash​ (in​ USD​ or​ KHR)​ including​ the​ fee​ to​ the​ SmartLuy​ agent.​
In​ order​ to​ get​ the​ most​ updated​ information​ on​ SmartLuy​ agents,​ you​ can​ check​ the​ Agent​ Locator​ or​ call​ SmartLuy​  customer​ support​ at​ 010​ 200​ 788.​
You​ need​ to​ inform​ the​ agent​ about​ it​ immediately,​ so​ the​ agent​ could​ contact​ SmartLuy​ Contact​ Center​ to​ start​ the​ reversal​ procedure.​Note:​ SmartLuy​ agent​ will​ always​ double-check​ the​ information​ with​ you​ before​ confirming​ the​ payment.​ So,​ please​ check​ it​ carefully​ and​ ask​ agent​ to​ correct​ your​ account​ number​ immediately​ if​ you​ find​ it​ wrong.​ Please​ always​ keep​ a​ receipt​ from​ the​ agent​ for​ your​ reference.​
Yes,​ you​ can.​ Please​ make​ sure​ your​ relative​ knows​ your​ 9-digit​ ABA​ account​ number​ correctly​ and​ provides​ correct​ amount​ of​ cash​ (in​ USD​ or​ KHR)​ including​ the​ fee​ to​ SmartLuy​ agent.
In​ such​ case,​ please​ send​ the​ photo​ of​ your​ receipt​ to​ ABA​ loan​ officer​ by​ any​ means​ such​ as​ social​ media​ channel​ for​ their​ reference.​ Alternatively,​ you​ can​ call​ SmartLuy​ Contact​ Center​ at​ 010​ 200​ 788​ for​ support.​
The​ fee​ depends​ on​ the​ amount​ you​ transfer.​ Please​ check​ the​ Transfer​ Fees​ table​ for​ details.Note:​ The​ processing​ fee​ must​ be​ paid​ separately​ from​ the​ amount​ you​ wish​ to​ deposit​ to​ your​ ABA​ Bank​ account.​
It​ is​ 1​ –​ 5,000​ USD​ or​ 4,000​ –​ 20,000,000​ KHR​ per​ transaction.
Yes,​ you​ can.​ Every​ new​ transaction​ is​ subject​ to​ the​ new​ fee​ charge.​ Please​ check​ the​ Transfer​ Fees​ table​ for​ details.
Please​ note​ the​ name​ of​ the​ agent​ and​ phone​ number,​ then​ send​ to​ our​ contact​ center​ via​ ABA​ Facebook​ page​ or​ call​ 023​ 225​ 333.​ We​ will​ work​ with​ SmartLuy​ to​ solve​ this​ issue.

Easy​ steps​ to​ transfer​ funds​ from​ SmartLuy​ agent​ to​ ABA​ account

  1. Visit​ your​ nearest​ SmartLuy​ agent​ (for​ the​ exact​ location​ of​ the​ nearest​ SmartLuy​ agent,​ please​ click​ on​ the​ Agent​ Locator​ or​ call​ SmartLuy​ customer​ support​ at​ 010​ 200​ 788)
  2. Provide​ SmartLuy​ agent​ with​ the​ 9-digit​ ABA​ account​ number,​ your​ personal​ phone​ number,​ and​ the​ required​ amount​ in​ USD​ or​ KHR​ including​ the​ fee.​
  3. You​ are​ done!​ You​ will​ receive​ the​ receipt​ from​ SmartLuy​ agent​ to​ confirm​ the​ successful​ transaction.

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