Priority solutions

The real purpose of your visit of course is the management of your finances. You will find that your dedicated Relationship Manager’s utmost concern is to make sure that you are offered product terms and services ‘custom tailored’ to your specific requirements.

Seated in one of our five private meeting rooms you and your highly trained financial advisor  - who is articulate in the intricacies of financial dealings - can discuss every aspect of financial instruments and monetary transactions in complete confidentiality.

In addition you will have at your disposal:

  • Preferential Interest Rates on Deposits, Loans and Trade & Finance Fees
  • Privileged Pricing on Local and International Remittances.

Other exclusive advantages include:

  • Extended Banking Hours;
  • Increased Withdrawals of up to $9,000 from ATMs (something we make available only to our Priority Banking clients);
  • Complimentary Check Books;
  • Courtesy Balance Certification for business needs;
  • Higher Limit on Internet Banking Transfers.

On a lighter note, we try to establish a personal relationship that goes beyond business by remembering your special day with an exclusive gift.

Should you wish, the benefits of ABA Priority Banking can be extended to a nominated member of your family so that he or she can enjoy membership of this exclusive group.