ABA Bank sponsors My Finance Fitness, financial education seminar in schools


Continuously implementing its CSR policy aimed at increasing financial inclusion in Cambodia, ABA Bank proudly sponsored the first financial education seminar, “My Finance Fitness”, organized by the members of Zaman University Youth Club. The seminar was held in three different schools of Phnom Penh on 03 - 07 February 2017.

The goal of the seminar is to provide students with fundamentals of financial knowledge, such as budget planning, savings culture, and give an opportunity to think critically about spending money.

“Based on our core values, we are happy to sponsor “My Finance Fitness” seminar, because it helps to increase the student’s knowledge on financial literacy and prepare them for adult life,” Igor Zimarev, Head of Marketing Division of ABA Bank said. “We have high hopes that this initiative will help them to understand the importance of financial management in achieving life goals,” he added.

The three seminars gathered 170 students aged from 15 to 25 years old from three different schools in Phnom Penh including Sovannaphumi High School (branches in Tephan and ToulKok) and University of Cambodia. The 90-minutes-seminar focuses on financial matters including the value of money, financial life cycle, how to do personal financial budget planning, how to control the needs & wants, and others.

“The project went great, because we had a proper and clear lesson plan and active participatory from the students,” Ms. Sarun Bunnaline, project manager of “My Finance Fitness” said. “We expect to conduct more seminars in other schools and universities in the upcoming month and throughout the whole year,” she added.