DBP Remit

ABA Bank through its partnership with Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) is now able to handle and serve the remittances of Filipino community here in Cambodia.

The Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) Remittance provides overseas Filipinos (OFs/OFWs) a combination of traditional and electronic-based payments through banks.

How to transfer?

There are two ways of transferring money using DBP Remittance:

  • You can easily send funds from your ABA account using ABA Mobile app (click here for the manual) or
  • Visit our branch to perform the transaction.

For the in-branch transaction*, here are the steps to use DBP Remittance service:

  • Visit the nearest ABA bank branch near you;
  • Present valid ID/Passport;
  • Fill out the form, select the preferred service, and write the desired amount.

*Effective from 26 August 2019, ABA​ Bank​ will​ migrate​ DBP​ Remit​ service​ from​ its​ branches​ to​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ in​ order​ to​ improve​ customers’​ experience​ and​ transaction​ time.​ DBP​ Remit​ will​ no​ longer​ be​ available​ over​ the​ counter​ at​ ABA​ branches​ from​ the​ above-mentioned​ date​ onward.​

Transfer fees

Service modeFee (USD)Delivery period
Receive in USD or Peso
Credit to DBP account
Peso account10.00Transaction will be processed within 1 hour by ABA Bank and fund will be credited based on beneficiary bank processing time.
USD account
Credit to other bank account
Peso account10.00*
USD account

*Beneficiary's bank charges, if any, will be deducted from the transfer amount.

Service mode Fee (USD)
1. DBP Account
a. Change in account number - Peso account5.00
b. Change in account number - USD account5.00
c. Change in beneficiary name5.00
2. Other Bank Account
a. Change in account number and beneficiary name Peso account5.00
b. Change in account number and beneficiary name  - USD Account (plus actual bank charge, if any)5.00
3. Cancellation
a. All services mode5.00

Amendment form

* Customers should personally come to the branch with the completed amendment form.

Please​ read​ these​ terms​ and​ conditions​ carefully.​ These​ terms​ and​ conditions​ are​ an​ Agreement​ between​ you​ (“the​ Applicant”),​ and​ Advanced​ Bank​ of​ Asia​ Limited​ (“the​ Bank”)​ on​ money​ transfers.​

1.​ The​ Applicant​ confirms​ that​ the​ provided​ information​ is​ true​ and​ correct​ and​ the​ Bank​ is​ not​ responsible​ for​ any​ delays,​ errors​ and​ omissions​ caused​ by​ misprinting​ and/or​ inaccuracy​ of​ the​ Applicant.

2.​ The​ Applicant​ authorizes​ the​ Bank​ to​ debit​ his/her​ account​ for​ the​ transfer​ amount​ and​ amount​ of​ commissions​ and​ fees.

3.​ The​ Applicant​ understands​ and​ confirms​ that​ the​ Bank​ and/or​ The​ Development​ Bank​ of​ the​ Philippines​ (DBP)​ may​ apply​ its​ internal​ currency​ exchange​ rate​ to​ process​ money​ transfer.

4.​ The​ Applicant​ authorizes​ the​ Bank​ to​ postpone,​ suspend​ or​ cancel​ the​ money​ transfer​ if​ the​ Bank​ or​ DBP,​ or​ beneficiary​ bank​ found​ that​ it​ may​ be​ related​ to​ unlawful​ conduct​ and/or​ breach​ of​ any​ national​ or​ international​ laws​ or​ regulations.​

5.​ The​ Applicant​ undertakes​ that​ the​ money​ transfer​ is​ not​ related​ to​ any​ illegal​ activities​ and/or​ money​ laundering​ and/or​ terrorism​ finance.​ The​ Bank​ has​ the​ right​ to​ reject​ or​ suspend​ any​ transfer​ if​ required​ for​ its​ AML/KYC​ purposes.

6.​ The​ Applicant​ understands​ and​ confirms​ that​ transaction​ will​ be​ processed​ subject​ to​ the​ satisfactory​ compliance​ review​ and​ that​ the​ funds​ will​ be​ credited​ based​ on​ beneficiary​ bank​ processing​ time.

7.​ The​ Applicant​ undertakes​ to​ provide​ additional​ information​ and/or​ documents​ related​ to​ the​ money​ transfer​ if​ requested​ by​ the​ Bank.

8.​ The​ Bank​ may​ change​ its​ fees​ and​ commissions​ as​ well​ as​ these​ Terms​ and​ Conditions​ from​ time​ to​ time​ without​ prior​ notice.​ The​ Applicant​ understands​ and​ agrees​ that​ beneficiary​ bank​ might​ charge​ its​ fees​ and​ such​ fees​ will​ be​ deducted​ from​ the​ transfer​ amount.

9.​ In​ case​ of​ the​ money​ transfer​ cancellation​ the​ Bank​ will​ return​ the​ Applicant's​ funds​ only​ upon​ receipt​ of​ funds​ from​ DBP​ or​ beneficiary​ bank.​ The​ Applicant​ understands​ and​ agrees​ that​ DBP​ and​ beneficiary​ bank​ might​ charge​ cancellation​ and​ other​ fees,​ and​ that​ the​ applied​ exchange​ rate​ may​ be​ changed.

10.​ The​ Bank​ is​ not​ responsible​ for​ any​ taxes,​ duties​ and​ other​ expenses,​ which​ might​ occur​ in​ other​ countries​ in​ relation​ to​ the​ money​ transfer.

11.​ The​ Bank​ may​ disclose​ the​ money​ transfer​ information​ to​ third​ parties​ in​ accordance​ with​ the​ legislation​ of​ the​ Kingdom​ of​ Cambodia​ including,​ but​ not​ limited​ by,​ court​ decisions,​ investigations​ and​ regulations.

12.​ To​ amend​ or​ cancel​ your​ transaction​ you​ should​ fill​ in​ and​ sign​ the​ amendment/cancellation​ form​ and​ personally​ bring​ it​ to​ any​ of​ our​ offices.​ Any​ request​ to​ amend​ or​ cancel​ the​ payment​ received​ by​ us​ via​ email​ or​ phone​ will​ be​ disregarded.​

Download amendment/cancellation​ form.​

Need help?

Visit one of our branches and meet our Relationship Managers who will guide you through the application procedure, or give us a call at 023 225 333 for further information.

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