Payment Collection Service

ABA offers multiple ways of safe and convenient cashless payment collection for your business. We support both domestic transactions and payments from international cards including Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay International.

No matter how big or small your business is, choose your preferred cashless payment collection method and apply for it via the links below. No bank branch visit required!


Need to accept cashless payments for your business immediately? Download the PayWay Mobile app and turn your smartphone into a POS terminal! You can generate QR codes to accept payments in KHR/USD directly to your ABA account.

It’s quick, easy and free! Download the app, activate it, and start collecting the payments!


Our most popular in-store facility to collect cashless payments from customers!

Accept payments for your products and services by displaying this QR checkout stand at the counter. Your customer just needs to launch their ABA Mobile app and scan the QR code to pay with ABA PAY.


POS terminal enables registered businesses to open more sales opportunities by accepting payments from Visa, Mastercard, UPI and JCB cardholders in addition to generating dynamic QR codes for ABA Mobile users.

Need​ help?

For​ any​ further​ inquiry​ on​ our​ Payment​ Collection​ Service,​ call​ us​ at​ 098​ 203​ 888​ or email us at [email protected]​