Simple Loan

Do you own a micro business and want to make it work better for you and bring more profit? Then why not to apply for ABA Simple Loan? You can borrow up to 30,000 USD with attractive rates for up to 6 years. We will also offer you our refinance service if you are an existing borrower and want to improve your loan conditions!


Loan amount5,000 – 30,00020 million – 120 million
Loan term5 – 7 years
Repayment modeFlexible repayment options
Grace periodUp to 3 months

Important information

Terms and conditions are subject to change at the Bank's sole discretion without prior notice to customers. For more information, please visit your nearest ABA Bank branch, our website or call our hotline at 023 225 333 available 24/7 for you.

What type of collateral do I need to provide?

You can provide the following collateral to the Bank:


  • Real estate property (Soft or Strong title) or
  • Store ownership Certificate under own name


  • Third Party, corporate and bank guarantees
  • Another type of collateral, negotiable with the Bank

You don’t need to register the strong title collateral at Cadastral office for loans under 30,000 USD!

Interest rate (per month)

Loan amount, USDStrong title1Soft titleStore Ownership
>1,000 – 5,0001.3% and above1.4% and above1.5% and above
>5,000 – 10,0001.2% and above1.3% and above1.4% and above
>10,000 – 20,0001.13% and above1.2% and above1.3% and above
>20,000 – 30,0001.11% and above1.15% and above1.3% and above

1 For loans above 10,000 up to 30,000 USD if you register the title deed at Cadastral Office, minimum interest rate of 1.05% per month can be offered!


If you are interested in making your monthly loan repayments lower, ABA Bank offers Refinancing service.We can provide you with a loan on lower rates and longer terms, so you will save your money and will be able to invest more in your business on better conditions and hassle-free!

Once your application is approved by ABA, you can pay off your current loan including any early repayment charges and even get an opportunity to apply for an additional loan. Our professional loan officers will take care of all process for switching your loan from your previous financial institution within one business day.

Just call or meet one of our loan officers, who will provide you with an advice and help you to decide whether refinancing is right for you.

Here are the basic criteria we would like your business to meet:

  • Borrower of 18-65 years old
  • Legal, harmless business (not an environmentally or socially damaging business) running for at least 6 months
  • Monthly loan repayment of not exceeding 70% of net disposable income from the business per period (Principal and Interest)
  • Soft title/strong title real estate property (in own name or in third party name) as collateral for the loan. Positive information at Credit Bureau of Cambodia.

While rendering banking services to clients in either lending operations and deposits or opening accounts with ABA Bank, its management and staff shall refrain from relationship with the following prohibited businesses and activities:

  1. Transaction using anonymous account and accounts in fictitious name;
  2. Shell company (company which has no physical present);
  3. Any person or entity mentioned in UN, EU and OFAC list;
  4. Unregulated business/entity with no tax register/incomplete registration document (e.g. private money lending, sand dredging, etc.), and business which produces or trades unregulated or illegal product;
  5. Production or trade in weapons and munitions as such listed in appendixes of law on anti-terrorism;
  6. Production or trade in alcoholic beverages1;
  7. Production or trade in tobacco1;
  8. Gambling, casinos and equivalent enterprises;
  9. Trade in wildlife or wildlife products and product regulated under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species or Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES);
  10. Production or trade in radioactive materials;
  11. Production or trade in or use of unbonded asbestos fibers;
  12. Trading or purchase of logging equipment and commercial logging operations;
  13. Production or trade in pharmaceuticals subject to international phase outs or bans such as ozone depleting substances;
  14. Production or trade in pesticides/herbicides subject to international phase outs or bans;
  15. Production or trade in product containing polychlorinated biphenyls - a group of highly toxic chemicals which are likely to be found in oil-filled electrical transformers, capacitors and switch gear;
  16. Unsustainable fishing method - such as drift net fishing in the marine environment using nets in excess of 2.5 km in length;
  17. Production or activities involving harmful or exploitative forms of forced labor or harmful child labor;
  18. All kinds of Ponzi or HYIP scheme, e.g. Telex-free service;
  19. Cross-border trade in waste and waste products, unless compliance to the Basel Convention and the underlying regulations;
  20. Destruction of High Conservation Value areas which are defined as natural habitats where these values are considered to be of outstanding significance or critical importance (see;
  21. Pornography and/or prostitution;
  22. Racist and/or anti-democratic media.

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