Customs and Duties Tax

ABA​ Bank​ was​ appointed​ by​ the​ Ministry​ of​ Economy​ and​ Finance​ to​ accept​ tax​ payments​ on​ behalf​ of​ the​ General​ Department​ of​ Customs​ and​ Excise​ (GDCE).​ It​ enables​ customs​ brokers​ and​ declarants​ to​ pay​ their​ customs​ and​ duty​ taxes​ easily​ with​ ABA​ Pay​ on​ the​ GDCE​ website,​ ABA​ Mobile,​ and​ ABA​ Business.​

Only​ an​ Advice​ number​ is​ required​ for​ every​ GDCE​ tax​ payment​ made​ on​ these​ digital​ platforms.

Why​ pay​ your​ taxes​ with​ ABA?

  • ​Enjoy​ zero​ commission​ charge​
  • ​Pay​ 24/7​ from​ the​ comfort​ of​ your​ home​ or​ office
  • ​Pay​ right​ on​ your​ ABA​ Mobile
  • ​Pay​ easily​ by​ scanning​ the​ ABA​ PAY​ QR​ code​ on​ the​ GDCE​ website​ using​ your​ ABA​ Mobile
  • ​Pay​ directly​ from​ your​ ABA​ Business​ account​ using​ ABA​ Business
  • ​No​ bank​ counter​ visit​ for​ Debit​ Advice/Credit​ Advice​
  • ​Only​ E-Payment​ Certificate​ downloaded​ from​ ASYCUDA​ is​ required​ for​ customs​ clearance
  • ​Save​ time​ and​ money

How​ it​ works

Payment​ with​ ABA​ PAY​ on​ the​ GDCE​ website​ (e-Payment)

  1. Go​ to​ the​ GDCE​ website​
  2. Log​ in​ (username​ and​ password)
  3. Click​ E-payment​ and​ wait​ for​ Payment​ Advice
  4. Click​ Pay​ and​ verify​ payment​ details
  5. Select​ ABA​ PAY​ and​ scan​ to​ pay​ with​ ABA​ Mobile

Payment​ with​ ABA​ Mobile

  1. Launch​ your​ ABA​ Mobile
  2. Tap​ Payments
  3. Select​ Public​ Services​
  4. Scroll​ down​ and​ tap​ General​ Department​ of​ Customs​ and​ Excise
  5. Select​ your​ account,​ enter​ Advice​ No.,​ and​ tap​ PAY​ NOW ​

Payment​ through​ ABA​ Business​ online​ banking​ platform

  1. Log​ in​ to​ your​ ABA​ Business​
  2. Go​ to​ Bill​ Payments​ and​ then​ Public​ Services
  3. Select​ your​ source​ account​ and​ then​ General​ Department​ of​ Customs​ and​ Excise
  4. Key​ in​ your​ Advice​ Number​ and​ click​ Next​
  5. Enter​ your​ OTP,​ click​ Submit,​ and​ inform​ your​ authorizer​ to​ approve​ the​ instructions
  6. Go​ to​ Account​ and​ export​ the​ transaction​ statement

If you have questions or need further assistance and information, please call us at 1 800 203 203.