This toolkit is designed to guide you, our merchant partners on how to present ABA Point on your establishment and at the same time to help you serve this pool of clients better and gain their loyalty.

ABA Point Discount Program

ABA Point is simply taken from ABA brand following the red dot on the logo, which signifies the heart of ABA bank. The word point refers to a direction of something, in this case the point refers to you our merchant partners. ABA Point Logo is designed according to ABA bank brand guide; the sets of colors and font are mainly the same with ABA Bank. The logo shape similar to a pin in a map signifying direction.


Categories are divided into five major parts, which cover different purchasing options:

  1. Drinking & Dining
  2. Retail & Shopping
  3. Health & Beauty
  4. Travel & Accommodation
  5. Education Institution

Merchant Collaterals

Each establishment shall be presented by ABA Point Logo, which can be found/placed in different areas of your establishments:

  • Sticker
  • Door Sign
  • Counter Stand

How does ABA Point work?

ABA in partnership with the merchants, you will be introduced to more than 30,000 ABA Card holders nationwide. As our merchant partner you have to do the following:

  1. Place ABA Point collaterals on each of your establishment listed in our contract. This is for our cardholders to easily identify you as our merchant partner. ABA Point collaterals is consist of sticker, door signs and counter top sign. These items are based upon the need of each establishments, terms and conditions apply.
  2. Provide discount to ABA cardholder after showing their card and while conducting the purchase. Discounts varies depending on the agreed discount (this is contract based) per merchant.
  3. Report the number of transaction that you have in a month with ABA Point, our team will contact you and help you in the implementation to make the program successful.

Merchant Partners Benefit

  • Branding partnership with one of the country’s leading commercial bank, ABA Bank.
  • Patronage of over 30,000 and everyday growing ABA Card holders. Promoted on ABA Point Brochure listing which is distributed in all ABA Bank branches and Cardholders. 
  • Online promotion through ABA Bank website under ABA Point Merchant list. 
  • Program promotion under ABA Point via media advertisements.

Card Elements You Need to Know

Identify our logo – 2 different logo type the old and the new logo.


Validity of the card – make sure that the card is still valid by checking the date which based on month and year.

Card Name & Signature – Card must have a signature at the back. To identify the user is the person is the owner of the card is to check for addition ID or to ask them to sign on your receipt and check the similarity of signature. This part is subject to your judgment to give the discount.


For clarifications or in case of fraud on card, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service hotline at 089 203 333 | 098 203 111 or 023 222 995.

If you still have some questions on ABA Point merchant program, please visit the nearest ABA Bank branch and meet our Client Relationship Managers who will guide you through the application process or give us a call at 023 225 333 for further information.

Please, find below the sample of a Merchant Agreement for your reference: