Speedpay - ABA transfers

ABA​ Bank​ has​ partnered​ with​ Speed​pay​ to​ allow​ its​ loan​ borrowers​ to​ conveniently​ repay​ their​ loans​ with​ ABA​ through​ the​ network​ of​ over​ 655​ Speed​pay​ agents​ across​ Cambodia.​ With​ the​ affordable​ fee​ of​ just​ 0.50​ USD​ /​ 2,000​ riels,​ ABA​ clients​ can​ now​ deposit​ money​ directly​ to​ their​ ABA​ accounts​ from​ any​ Speed​pay​ agent​ that​ is​ closer​ to​ their​ house​ or​ place​ of​ business​ than​ ABA​ cash-in​ kiosk​ or​ branch.​ In​ addition,​ customers​ can​ transfer​ money​ between​ ABA​ and​ Speed​pay​ mobile​ apps​ quickly​ and​ at​ 0.10​ USD​ /​ 400​ riels​ per​ transaction​ only.

Enjoy​ a​ quick​ and​ affordable​ way​ of​ transferring​ money​ between​ ABA​ and​ Speed​pay​ to​ repay​ your​ loan​ or​ top​ up​ your​ account​ easily!

Transfer​ Fees

The fees for money transfers between ABA and Speedpay are affordable and run in USD and KHR as follows

Cash-in from Speedpay Agent to ABA Account
Amount Fee Amount Fee
1 – 1,000 0.50 4,000 – 4,000,000 2,000
1,001 – 2,000 1 4,000,001 – 8,000,000 4,000
2,001​ -​ 2,500 1.25 8,000,001​ –10,000,000​ 5,000
Cash-in from Speedpay Agent to ABA Account
1 – 1,000 0.10 4,000 – 4,000,000 400
Cash-in from Speedpay Agent to ABA Account
1 – 1,000 0.10 4,000 – 4,000,000 400

*Maximum​ fund​ transfer​ volume​ is​ 1,000​ USD​ or​ 4,000,000​ KHR​ per​ day

Easy​ steps​ to​ transfer​ funds​ between​ ABA​ and​ Speed​pay

Here​ are​ the​ easy​ steps​ that​ will​ guide​ you​ on​ how​ to​ transfer​ funds​ between​ ABA​ and​ Speedpay​ accounts.

  1. Visit​ your​ nearest​ Speed​pay​ Agent​ (we​ need​ to​ provide​ a​ link​ of​ Speedpay​ agents​ map)
  2. Provide​ ABA​ account​ number,​ type​ of​ currency,​ amount​ of​ cash,​ and​ phone​ number​ to​ Speedpay​ Agent.
  3. Deposit​ money​ that​ you​ want​ to​ transfer​ including​ the​ fee​ and​ you’re​ done!
  1. Launch​ Speed​pay​ app​ and​ select​ “Transfers”
  2. Choose​ “ABA​ Bank”
  3. Enter​ transaction​ details
  4. Verify​ information​ and​ confirm​ the​ transaction​ with​ your​ PIN
  1. Launch​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ and​ select​ “Transfers”
  2. Select​ “Transfer​ to​ Speedp​ay”
  3. Select​ your​ ABA​ account
  4. Enter​ recipient’s​ wallet​ number
  5. Choose​ the​ currency​ of​ the​ transfer​ (USD​ /​ KHR)
  6. Enter​ the​ amount​ you​ wish​ to​ send​ and​ click​ “Transfer”
  7. Confirm​ the​ transaction​ with​ your​ security​ PIN

Don’t​ have​ ABA​ Mobile​ app?

Click​ the​ icon​ below​ to​ download​ the​ application​ from​ Apple's​ App​ store​ or​ Google​ Play​ Store.​ After​ downloading,​ simply​ follow​ the​ screen​ instructions​ to​ start​ mobile​ banking!


Don’t​ have​ ABA​ account?

Visit​ our​ Online​ Account​ Opening​ website​ to​ apply​ for​ your​ first​ ABA​ account​ online​ or​ drop​ in​ your​ nearest​ ABA​ branch​ and​ meet​ our​ Relationship​ Manager​ who​ will​ guide​ you​ through​ the​ application​ procedure.​ For​ further​ information,​ give​ us​ a​ call​ at​ 023​ 225​ 333.