Thai Airways accepts ABA UPI Card


Thai Airways accepts ABA UPI CardThai Airways accepts ABA UPI Card

Dear​ UnionPay​ International​ (UPI)​ card​ holders, in​ our​ constant​ pursuit​ to​ provide​ you​ with the highest​ level​ of​ service,​ we​ are​ happy​ to​ announce​ that​ from​ now​ on​ you​ can​ use​ your​ UPI​ card​ to​ book​ flights​ of​ Thai​ Airways.​ Thai​ Airways​ is​ a​ founding​ member​ of​ the​ Star​ Alliance​ group​ and​ one​ of​ the​ largest​ companies​ in​ the​ region.​

The​ booking​ can​ be​ done​ online​ via​ this​ link​ or​ in​ the​ native​ app​ of​ the​ airline (available​ on​ Google​ Play​ Store,​ Apple​ App​ store and​ Windows​ Store).

UPI​ cards​ from​ ABA​ Bank​ give​ you​ more​ opportunities​ to​ shop​ or​ travel​ in​ the​ region​ and​ across​ the​ globe.​ Stay​ tuned​ for​ new​ announcements!