Public Announcement on unfit bank notes claims


Public Announcement on unfit bank notes claims

ABA Bank recently observed posts circulating in social media where customers claim they withdrew notes with the English word “COPY” and/or Khmer words “លុយសែន” or “ក្រដាសសែន” on the front side (hereinafter referred as “unfit notes”) from ABA ATMs and bank counters in different locations across Cambodia.

In this connection, the Bank informs that every case reported by customers was properly registered and thoroughly investigated. As a result, none of the reported claims proved that the unfit notes were withdrawn from ABA ATMs or bank counters. On the contrary, the Bank provided strong evidence that ATMs and bank tellers dispensed genuine notes. Additionally, the Bank noted that all claims were made not right after the cash withdrawal from ATM or counter, but after a certain period (up to five days). It gives reason to assume that the notes were replaced with unfit ones later and not in the Bank’s premises. The result of the internal investigation is delivered to every customer via a phone call or during their meeting with the Bank’s special working group.

ABA Bank would like to notify the public that it executes a very strict cash operation procedure based on latest technologies that minimizes human influence and negates the possibility of internal fraud. This procedure ensures that only genuine notes are being placed in ABA ATMs using several layers of control as follows:

  • Each bank note that enters ABA is checked for authenticity by top-notch banknote sorting machines that immediately identify any unfit note, automatically record the serial number of each note, and securely store it in the database. 
  • All cash preparation operations are made in classified rooms under supervision of representatives of respective departments and controlled by Security Department via CCTV.
  • The process of transportation of money to ATMs is always supervised by several representatives of security team and other departments. The ATM cassettes are locked and cannot be opened by staff at the ATM location.
  • ABA ATMs are equipped with NCR Secure™ which is a complete portfolio of multi-layered solutions particularly designed to provide protection against unauthorized access to ATM cash, including a range of physical enclosures. ATM’s safes are certified by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) provides a standards platform for the National Standardization bodies of 33 European countries and has been rigorously tested against a standard. 
  • The Bank undergoes internal and external audit sessions on a regular basis that confirm cash authenticity and effective internal control system in place.

Based on these measures and the results of internal investigations, ABA Bank denies any allegations circulating in social networks regarding unfit notes being withdrawn from its ATMs or bank counters and reserves the right to refer it to authorities and prosecute such cases to the fullest extent permitted by law. 

ABA Bank would also like to advise its clients to always check and count their money thoroughly before leaving the ATM or bank counter as the Bank doesn’t bear any responsibility afterwards.